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Water Hyacinth
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Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Color Form Purple, Yellow
Water Conditions 70-80° F, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 1'
Origin Farm Raised
Family Pontederiaceae
Lighting High
Propagation Stolons
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The Water Hyacinth is arguably one the most popular plant among pond keepers and water gardeners thanks to its ease of care and ornamental qualities. The Water Hyacinth is a free-floating pond plant with beautiful waxy green leaves. The base of the leaves feature a modified structure that is bulbous and spongey to the touch. These bulbous air-filled structures act as floats to keep the Water Hyacinth afloat allowing the feathery root system to drape freely underwater. The Water Hyacinth develops a tall flower stalk from the center of a rosette of glossy bulb-like leaves producing in a cluster of lovely purple flowers with a yellow "eye" on one petal. The blossoms add a pleasing splash of color to the pond landscape but are short lived, lasting for only about a day. However, under favorable conditions, the Water Hyacinth will bloom throughout the season.

In addition to its ornamental qualities, the Water Hyacinth is highly prized for its role in improving pond water quality and water clarity. Like all plants, the Water Hyacinth takes in dissolved carbon dioxide and releases oxygen vital to goldfish, koi, and other pond fish. In addition to oxygenating pondwater, the Water Hyacinth is highly efficient at processing nitrogenous waste materials that is not only toxic to pond fish but can also fuel aggressive nuisance algae growth.

As the Water Hyacinth reproduces, it creates a living flotilla that offers much-needed shade and protection for your pond fish. The draping curtain of roots provides a fantastic habitat for a wide variety of pond life and is often regarded as a desirable spawning site for fish. Under warm, sunny conditions the Water Hyacinth grows at a prolific rate reaching heights from 6-12" or more. If left unchecked, the Water Hyacinth can quickly take over your pond or water garden. To manage surplus growth, remove the excess plants and properly dispose of them in accordance to your local ordinances.

Because the Water Hyacinth is tropical in nature it requires heat and full sun to thrive and flower. Pale or yellowing leaves are a sign of nutrient deficiency and these plants should be moved to an alternate area and offered plant food to help restore its vigor. Zones 9-11.

Approximate Purchase Size: 6" to 8"

Customer Testimonials

Lori Martina Miamisburg , OH

The Water Hyacinth has worked well for us. I like the flowers and it gives the Koi something to eat besides my lilies.
Diane Martin Upperco , MD
I ordered these water hyacinths last year from you. I was amazed at how healthy they were when they arrived and how quickly they multiplied. I had bought these before at our local pond and garden center, your plants are far superior in quality and the price was even more reasonable. I plan on buying them again this year from you.
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