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Articles and Information About Ponds & Water Gardens

Pond Information Articles

Pond Health:
- How to Maintain Proper Pond Oxygen Content
- Monitor Pond Water Parameters
- Plant your Pond to Better Water Quality
- Prevent Toxic Ammonia Buildup
- The Science Behind Successful Algae Control
- Using Vitamins & Minerals as Preventative Maintenance
- Water Quality Tips for Koi Success

Pond Equipment:
- Choosing the Proper Pond Pump - Filtering through the Muck
- Compare Pond De-Icers
- Pond Netting Seasonal Selection Guide
- Pond Pumps with Fountain Features
- Water Garden Lighting Guide

Koi Care:
- Feed Your Koi without Polluting your Pond
- Feeding Tips for a Successful Pond Season
- How to Prepare Your Pond for Quality Koi
- Japanese Koi
- Judging Koi: Learn How
- Koi
- Koi Pond Care Tips
- Koi: History & Care Information
- Pond Fish Food Overview
- Pond Predator Control
- Pond Styles Overview
- Preparing a Quarantine Area for Pond Fish
Plant Care:
- Introduction to Lotus Selection & Care
- Live Plants for Your Pond: Our Guide to Planning & Ordering
- Lotus
- Lotus Planting Procedure
- Prevent Algae with Pond Plants
- Repotting Pond Plants
- Simplify Pond Planting
- Sioux Lily
- Understanding Invasive Species

- Fall and Winter Feeding Tips for Pond Fish
- Fall Pond Plant Care Tips
- Fall Tips for New Ponds & Water Gardens
- Mosquito Elimination Tips
- Pond Algae Control & Maintenance
- Preventive Steps to Minimize Aggressive Algae Growth
- Spring Cleaning Secrets to a Successful Pond Season
- Spring & Summer Pond Care
- Spring Kill, How to Prevent
- Summer Pond Care
- Warm Weather Mosquito Control
- Winterizing in Fall

- Creating Natural Pondscapes
- Enhance Pond Filtration with a Bog Filter
- How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
- Responsible Pond-Keeping
- Thinking of Creating a Pond? – You Can Start Small
- Goldfish and Koi: Compatible Pond Fish For a Dazzling Display

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