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Diver's Den: Freshwater

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG): the EXACT item you are ordering, not a representative photo. Diver's Den® items are held, quarantined and shipped from our state-of-the-art Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

OUR FISH QUARANTINE PROCEDURE: Read a detailed account of our fish extensive quarantine procedures. WHAT TO FEED YOUR FISH: Detailed list of what WE FEED the Diver's Den Freshwater fish.

All Diver's Den® items must be shipped within 2 shipping days of placing your order.

Photo Lighting Note: To provide ideal color & lighting, these freshwater species are photographed in glass aquariums, illuminated under Full Spectrum LED lighting. The coloration of the animal will vary under different intensities and Kelvin ratings of light bulbs. The species shown may look different under 10K Metal Halides, VHO, T5 or Power Compact Lights, LEDs, and may take time to recover its color after shipping.

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68 results
New Product
Humpback Puffer (click for more detail)
Humpback Puffer
(Tetraodon palembangensis)
New Product
Cherry Hump Head Flowerhorn Cichlid (click for more detail)
Cherry Hump Head Flowerhorn Cichlid
(Amphilophus spp. x 'Parrot' hybrid)
New Product
Pink Rose Discus (click for more detail)
Pink Rose Discus
(Symphysodon aequifasciata)
New Product
Yellow Marlboro Discus (click for more detail)
Yellow Marlboro Discus
(Symphysodon aequifasciata)
New Product
Black Bar Silver Dollar (Group of 3) (click for more detail)
Black Bar Silver Dollar (Group of 3)
(Myleus schomburgkii )
New Product
Chaca Chaca Catfish (click for more detail)
Chaca Chaca Catfish
(Chaca chaca)
New Product
Large Green Phantom (L-200) Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Large Green Phantom (L-200) Plecostomus
(Hemiancistrus subviridis)
New Product
Blue Velvet Shrimp (Group of 3) (click for more detail)
Blue Velvet Shrimp (Group of 3)
(Neocaridina davidi)

Mpimbwe Blue Frontosa Cichlid (click for more detail)
Mpimbwe Blue Frontosa Cichlid
(Cyphotilapia frontosa var. Mpimbwe)

Rose Line Shark (Group of 6) (click for more detail)
Rose Line Shark (Group of 6)
(Puntius denisonii)
On Sale
Rose Line Shark  (click for more detail)
Rose Line Shark
(Sahyadria denisonii)
Was: $29.99
Now: $19.99

Pearl Flowerhorn Cichlid (click for more detail)
Pearl Flowerhorn Cichlid
(Cichlasoma sp. hybrid)

Carapo Knife Fish (click for more detail)
Carapo Knife Fish
(Gymnotus carapo)

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlid (click for more detail)
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlid
(Nandopsis octofasciatum)

African Tiger Scat (click for more detail)
African Tiger Scat
(Scatophagus tetracanthus)

Lapradei Bichir (click for more detail)
Lapradei Bichir
(Polypterus lapradei)

Halfmoon Betta, Male (click for more detail)
Halfmoon Betta, Male
(Betta splendens)

Ornate Bichir (click for more detail)
Ornate Bichir
(Polypterus ornatipinnis)

True Parrot Cichlid (click for more detail)
True Parrot Cichlid
(Hoplarchus psittacus)

Red Pigeon Blood Discus (click for more detail)
Red Pigeon Blood Discus
(Symphysodon aequifasciata)

Flagtail Prochilodus (click for more detail)
Flagtail Prochilodus
(Semaprochilodus insignis)
On Sale
Red Bellied Flag Cichlid (click for more detail)
Red Bellied Flag Cichlid
(Laetacara thayeri)
Was: $39.99
Now: $29.99