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Water Lilies

Water Lilies are available in two varieties: those that grow in zones 9-11 (tropical) and those that grow in zones 4-11 (hardy). Both add beauty and drama to your pond or water garden. All Lilies shipped have roots.

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21 results
Perry's Baby Red Perry's Baby Red
(Nymphaea perry's baby red)
Starting at $23.99
Sioux Sioux Lily
(Nymphaea 'Denver')
Starting at $23.99
Colorata Colorata
(Nymphaea colorata)
Starting at $29.99
Chromatella Chromatella
(Nymphaea xmarliacea 'Chromatella')
Starting at $23.99
Perry's Double White Perry's Double White
(Nymphaea 'Perry's Double White')
Starting at $24.99
Chrysantha Chrysantha
(Nymphaea odorata 'Chrysantha')
Starting at $23.99
Rembrandt Rembrandt
(Nymphaea rembrandt)
Starting at $24.99
Dallas Dallas
(Nymphaea dallas)
Starting at $23.99
Peach Glow Hardy Water Lily Peach Glow
(Nymphaea 'Peach Glow')
Starting at $24.99
Virginia Virginia
(Nymphaea virginia)
Starting at $24.99
Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lily Panama Pacific
(Nymphaea 'Panama Pacific')
Starting at $29.99
Shirley Bryne Shirley Bryne
(Nymphaea shirley byrne)
Starting at $29.99
Stan Skinger Stan Skinger
(Nymphaea stan skinger)
Starting at $29.99
Madame Ganna Walska Madame Ganna Walska
(Nymphaea madame ganna walska)
Starting at $29.99
Mme Wilfron Gonnere Mme Wilfron Gonnere
(Nymphaea mme wilfron gonnere)
Starting at $24.99
Sulphurea and Sulphurea Okeechobee Sulphurea and Sulphurea Okeechobee
(Nymphaea odorata)
Starting at $24.99
Denver Hardy Water Lily Denver
(Nymphaea 'Denver')
Starting at $24.99
Firecrest Firecrest
(Nymphaea firecrest)
Starting at $24.99
Josephine Josephine
(Nymphaea josephine)
Starting at $29.99
Laydekeri Lilacea Laydekeri Lilacea
(Nymphaea laydekeri lilacea)
Starting at $24.99
Tropic Sunset Tropic Sunset
(Nymphaea tropic sunset)
Starting at $29.99
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