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Live Plants for Your Pond: Our Guide to Planning and to Ordering


Live plants are essential for the health of your pond. They provide oxygen plus they use up the organics that naturally occur in your pond's water, thus controlling algae growth. Even if you plant a hardy species such as water hyacinth, which can reproduce rapidly, divide them as they grow to allow space for a greater variety of plant species. As it matures, your water garden thus becomes even more beautiful. A combination of plants, including different sizes, will create a much more aesthetically pleasing feature than one with the same size or type of plants. Also, a healthy mix of oxygenators (those which are bottom dwelling and provide the vital element oxygen, such as anacharis, cabomba, or hornwort) and surface-leafed plants, such as lilies, provide your pond with an essential balance to keep algae at bay.

Remember that it is not wise to take native species from the ponds in your area. Besides being illegal and damaging the environment, even healthy natural pond plants are covered with unwanted pests from snails to algae to disease-causing microorganisms. Your best bet is to order from a reputable company that grows pond plants specifically for water gardening.

Choosing and ordering plants for your pond does not need to be any more complicated than choosing plants for your soil garden.

Reading and research are important, as well as preparing and drawing a planting plan using varieties of plants that will fare well in your particular climate.

Check our large selection of pond plants - guaranteed live and healthy! Our handy plant hardiness zone map, below, will help you choose the appropriate plants for your region. Pond plants can be shipped from March 22nd (warmer climate states: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia) to September 30th, or while supplies last. They are all grown in pots, unless otherwise noted, ensuring that you receive a strong, healthy plant.

We chose theses specific states to begin early shipment based on the overall warmer climate experienced throughout the state. Customers in these areas are typically able to set up their ponds much earlier than the rest of the country, and enjoy a longer and warmer spring/summer growing season. Pond plants that can be shipped to these states are able to grow and thrive earlier in the season.

Pond Plant Hardiness Zone Map

An Interactive Zone Map can be found at United States Department of Agriculture website.