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Sea Squirts

Sea Squirts are among the most unusual ornamental invertebrates offered at LiveAquaria®. Sea Squirts belong to the subphylum Tunicata (or Tunicates) and are among the most common marine invertebrates, boasting a diversity of shape, color, and form. However, Sea Squirts available for the aquarium industry are typically heart- or barrel-shaped in appearance.

Similar to clams, Sea Squirts are sessile filter-feeders that actively sieve the water for plankton and other potential food items by drawing in water through their siphon. These ornamental Tunicates are given the common name "Sea Squirt" as they have the tendency of squirting water out of their siphon when they are removed from the water.

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Sea Squirt Sea Squirts
(Polycarpa aurata)
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