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Fish Compatibility Charts
Tank mate compatibility is crucial to a successful and healthy home aquarium.
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Always Quarantine New Arrivals
Quarantine is about more than just disease-prevention.
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Ideal Aquarium Water Parameters
In addition to properly acclimating your new aquatic life, making sure your tank.
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Diver's Den Freshwater Quarantine Process
All fish are quarantined and acclimated to captive conditions under strict protocols regardless of species.
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Freshwater Fish Feeding Chart
Learn what we feed our Freshwater fish!
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New Aquarium?
Freshwater aquarium set-up in five easy steps.
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Pond Care: How to Prevent Spring Kill
How to prepare for an easy transition to spring.
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Pond Spring Cleaning Secrets
Vaccum your way to better pond water quality this spring.
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Guide to Pond Plant Ordering
Pond plants begin shipping in March to warmer climates, but pre-orders begin soon.
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