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Live corals are the most important contributors to the structure of a saltwater reef in nature as well as in reef aquariums. The appearance of some species of corals varies dramatically depending upon the environment. The categorization of corals continues to be in flux; the final answer may come from DNA analysis. Looking for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Corals? Visit our Diver's Den >
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10 categories to choose from:
Corals for Beginners
Corals for Beginners
(35 results)
Nano Corals
Nano Corals
(9 results)
Aquarium Coral Packs: Saltwater Aquarium Corals
Coral Packs
(17 results)
Corals For Sale: Rare Corals and other Marine Corals Certified Captive Grown
LiveAquaria® Certified Captive Grown Corals
(65 results)
SPS Corals: Hard Coral and Stony Corals for the Aquarium
SPS Hard Corals
(22 results)
LPS Corals: LPS Stony Corals and other Hard Corals for the Aquarium
LPS Hard Corals
(58 results)
Mushroom Coral: Hardy, Soft Coral Mushrooms for Reef Aquarists
Mushroom Corals
(15 results)
Soft Coral: Ricordia; Fiji and Indo-Pacific Soft Corals
Soft Corals
(29 results)
Coral Polyps: Colonial Coral and Button Polyp Corals
(41 results)
Sea Fans
Sea Fans
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