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Aquatic Creations Yellow Acropora Aquarium Décor
Aquatic Creations Yellow Acropora Aquarium Décor
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*Realistic coral replica adds vibrant color to your aquarium display
*Texture and shape of the real thing, without the fussy care
*Ideal for foreground design in an aquarium setup

Striking replica of Yellow Acropora Coral offers vibrant color and visual balance in your aquarium. The low profile design is great for the foreground - helping you create a visually-appealing display with decorations of varying height and texture. Each piece provides amazing detail and realistic coloration to reinforce a natural appearance. Made of silicone resin. Get yours today and add a burst of color to your aquarium. 5.25" x 4" x 3.5" high.

Directions: Rinse each piece with clean, fresh water before introducing into the aquarium.

Cleaning and Handling

  • Clean periodically to remove organic matter or algae. Scrub each with a medium bristle brush and spray with a pressure nozzle.
  • To remove more persistent organic material or algae, soak overnight in an organic cleaner.

  • Use a weak solution of water and chlorine-based bleach as an algaecide for final cleaning. DO NOT immerse in concentrations greater than 10% for longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • Always rinse thoroughly and use a dechlorinator before placing into the aquarium.

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