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Which Aquarium Is Right for Me?

Aquariums are for everyone. Beautiful, distinct, and highly customizable - aquariums fit easily into your lifestyle and enrich it with engaging activity and beautiful aesthetics. But just like picking a dog breed that best matches your lifestyle, choosing the perfect aquarium requires some thought.

While equally rewarding, certain aquariums are a better fit than others depending on the hobbyist, as each aquarium is a living reflection of your individual personality and interests. To enjoy a successful aquarium experience unique to you, take some time deciding which aquarium is right for you!


Freshwater Aquariums - Fun for the Free Spirit

With countless choices in size and design, and stocking options limited only by your imagination, it’s no wonder over 12 million US households own some type of freshwater fish aquarium (according to 2017-2018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey).

The flexibility of freshwater aquariums provides a creative outlet for anyone interested in injecting aquatic life into their lives, whether you’re an adult or child, single or married, live in the city or country in an apartment or house.

The perfect freshwater aquarium for you can be as simple as a stunning Betta aquarium or an elaborate aquarium landscaped with live plants shimmering with shoals of rainbow-colored fish. What you create and how much time you want to invest in it is up to you and where your passion and creativity take you.

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Saltwater Aquariums - Thrills for the Adventure Seeker

Imbued with the mythical and magical allure of the Seven Seas, saltwater, often called marine, aquariums are growing in popularity with more than 2 million households currently owning some type of saltwater aquarium.

Pursuit of this hobby is often inspired by a snorkeling trip while on vacation or a weekend immersed at your national aquarium. Whatever your inspiration, setting up a saltwater aquarium invokes a sense of adventure but involves a deeper commitment in time and overall resources compared to a freshwater aquarium.

The ideal saltwater aquarium setup is typically larger in size, with Fish-Only and Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock aquariums being the most popular examples. Because of the larger size of most saltwater setups, saltwater aquariums are best suited as a family affair or for dedicated hobbyists with the living space to properly accommodate the setup. Easy access to prepare or acquire saltwater is definitely a plus.

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Reef Aquariums - Endless Fascination for the Budding Researcher

A beautifully complex ecosystem in miniature, reef aquariums are a specialized type of saltwater aquarium showcasing colorful and exotic-looking corals and invertebrates. The aesthetic impact of home reef aquariums is immediate and awe-inspiring, garnering a select and devoted niche of hobbyists playfully referred to as “reefers.”

Reef aquariums are often regarded as one of the most challenging and rewarding aquariums to set up, requiring a general thirst for knowledge and the patience and passion to pursue perfection. Depending on your personality, these virtues may come naturally, or you may need to develop and perfect them.

In either case, the ability to dedicate ample time and overall resources into this fascinating hobby will benefit your progress. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of reef-keeping, whether you’re interested in pursuing smaller nano-reef aquariums or grand mixed-reef aquariums, the only boundary for your aquascape is your imagination!

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