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Cherry Barb
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Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya)

Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Black, Red, White
Diet Omnivore
Water Conditions 74-79° F, KH 4-10, pH 6.0-7.0
Max. Size 2"
Origin Sri Lanka
Family Cyprinidae
Minimum Tank Size 25 gallons
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The Cherry Barb is a more slender fish when compared to the other Barbs. It has a sleek, streamline profile and sports a warm, fiery coloration of oranges and reds. Ornate markings in chocolate brown coloration decorate the fish along the lateral line injecting color and texture to your midwater aquarium display. During spawning, the male will turn bright cherry red, which explains the given name.

They prefer a well-planted tank of at least 30 gallons with soft, slightly acidic water. Rocks and driftwood can be added to the aquarium, but leave plenty of space for swimming. The Cherry Barb is a very timid fish that should be housed with fish of the same temperament.

It is best, when trying to breed the Cherry Barb, to house a number of Barbs in the same aquarium until they pair off. After a pair has developed, the female will lay the eggs and the male will follow behind to fertilize. The fry will be free-swimming after about 5 days. Feed the fry newly hatched brine shrimp until large enough to accept crushed flake food.

The Cherry Barb needs to be fed a variety of foods including vegetables as well as meaty foods. Feed a quality flake food as well as live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1/4" to 3/4" ; Medium: 3/4" to 1-1/4"

Customer Testimonials

Janet B. Syracuse , NY
This fish really is a great starter fish. My pair of cherry barbs were the first ones in my tank and have survived everything that a starter tank can be put through. They bring great color to the tank also.
Shane D Pontiac , MI
I have found the Cherry Barb loves all parts of an aquarium. Whether it is the top, the middle, or the gravel, it always seems to be having a good time. Mine love real plants and also like to fight the current caused by the power filter. Personally, I recommend this fish to any level of fish enthusiast.
Scott F California , MD
I bought three of these for my 30 gallon aquarium a few months ago and now I have four. I did nothing special at all and one day just noticed two baby ones. The smaller of the two did not make it though but the other one is doing just fine. They are housed with a 5 inch Gold Marble Algae Eater, five Neon Tetras, two Silver Mollies, and six Zebra Danios in a planted 30 gallon aquarium. Very highly recommended for any community tank. Mine are very aloof, though. Sometimes they will school together and other times they just all go off in their own directions. I guess these are very easy to breed since I have an unexpected but welcome addition to my aquarium,
Steven P Bradenton , FL
These fish are for any level for a community aquarium. Hard to beat for adding red fish to the mix. With Good diet they mature into a red leathery look. Have 5 in a 20 gal high. Perfectly happy with others. Don't nip fins or become aggressive. The goal is to have a peaceful tank.
Jennifer Sinese Round Rock , TX
All of my fishes arrived on time and appropriately packaged. They appear healthy. I just got them, so we will see how they do. I was disappointed that all 6 were females. If you want any males, you may want to look elsewhere.
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