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Yellow Longwood
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Yellow Longwood (Canna glauca)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form White, Yellow
Water Conditions 65-80° F, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 5'
Origin Farm Raised
Family Cannaceae
Lighting Natural
Placement Edge
Propagation Rhizome Division
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The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant is a lovely tropical bog plant that adds spectacular visual interest to any pond or water garden with its oversized foliage, brightly-colored flowers, and towering presence. The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant is well-balanced in its presentation where foliage, blossom, and growth habit work in harmony to dramatic effect. The large, lance-shaped leaves are bright apple-green in coloration and perform double-duty providing the perfect backdrop for the sunny yellow blossoms while beautifully accentuating the upright growth habit of the Yellow Longwood Canna Plant.

The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant as its name implies is a cultivated variety of canna plant developed by the world-renowned Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. This exceptional ornamental plant can get as tall as 60" and may have a spread of 36" making it a fantastic focal plant for your pond or water garden. The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant can also be strategically planted as a decorative living screen to obscure views or unsightly pond equipment.

The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant is a true aquatic canna that must be grown in standing water or planted submerged in your pond or water garden. For best care, pot the Yellow Longwood Canna Plant in a 5-gallon planting container and set the planter in your pond or water garden so it is covered by up to 6 inches of water. The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant does best when planted in full sun but will tolerate partial shade conditions. The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant is a heavy feeder and requires fertilization to sustain vigorous growth.

The Yellow Longwood Canna Plant is not cold tolerant and must be over-wintered indoors in areas that experience freezing winters. Remove the Yellow Longwood Canna Plant from the pond in the autumn and maintain as a tropical houseplants until spring. Rhizomes can also be housed free of soil and stored in a cool, dark area. Zones 9-11.

Approximate Purchase Size: 12" to 18"

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