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Orange King Humbert Canna
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Orange King Humbert Canna (Canna king humbert)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Orange, Red
Water Conditions 70-80° F, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 6'
Origin Farm Raised
Family Cannaceae
Lighting Natural
Placement Edge
Propagation Nicked Seeds, Root division
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The Orange King Humbert Canna, also known as Variegated Water Canna and the Bengal Tiger Canna is a tropical Bog Plant. Water cannas strongly resemble the land canna varieties. The large, dramatic, tropical yellow and green striped foliage of the Orange King Humbert resemble the leaves of a banana tree. Stunningly beautiful, bold, bright orange flowers with brilliant maroon edges bloom in summer.

Cannas are best grown in full sun and in rich, fertile soil. The Orange King Humbert can get as tall as 60" and may have a spread of 36". Pot in 5-gallon containers and set in water 6 inches over crowns in sun to part shade. Remove from the pond in the autumn and maintain as tropical houseplants until spring. Rhizomes can also be housed free of soil, dried, and stored in a cool, dark area as is done with land canna. Zones 9-11.

Approximate Purchase Size: 12" to 18"

Customer Testimonials

Robert Byron Lake Worth , FL

What a most impressive species! We love it so much we took a picture and saved it as wallpaper on our computer. It commands attention as you stroll past our pond.
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