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Tropic Sunset
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Tropic Sunset (Nymphaea tropic sunset)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Orange, Red
Water Conditions 70-80° F, pH 6.1-7.5
Max. Size 12'
Origin Farm Raised, USA
Family Nymphaceae
Lighting Natural
Placement Bottom
Propagation Rhizome
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Enjoy a piece of the tropics with the spectacular Tropic Sunset Water Lily. Produced by Florida Aquatic Nurseries, this showy tropical water lily is the result of a ten-year effort to create an autumn-colored flower on a viviparous tropical waterlily. The addition of the Tropic Sunset Water Lily to your pond or water garden is sure to provide a sensational experience of sweet fragrance and delightful color.

The Tropic Sunset Water Lily is sure to decorate your pond landscape with an abundance of fragrant apricot-pink flowers throughout the height of summer and into late autumn. Like a tropical sunset, the gorgeous blossoms demonstrate a high degree of gradation with the outer petal showcasing the richest coloration while the inner petals glow with a golden crème coloration that beautifully complements the bright yellow center. Typical of tropical water lilies, the lovely cup-shaped flowers of the Tropic Sunset Water Lily are held above water for a dramatic presentation. The Tropic Sunset Water Lily is a day-blooming tropical water lily well-suited for ponds, water gardens, and container water gardens.

Even when it's not in bloom, the Tropic Sunset Water Lily provides fantastic visual interest with its ornamental, saucer-like leaves or "pads." Interestingly, the Tropic Sunset Water Lily is viviparous in nature producing "baby" plantlets from the central nodule where the stem meets the pad. The color of the leaves will vary depending on its age but are typically dark green in coloration with a high degree of maroon mottling. Typical of tropical water lilies, the Tropic Sunset Water Lily produces round leaves with textured edges that are slightly ruffled or even jagged. The leaf spread (or the amount of water surface area covered by the leaves) is approximately 5 to 8 ft providing ample shade and shelter for your pond fish, as well as a potential spawning site for pondlife.

The Tropic Sunset Water Lily should be potted in a three-gallon or larger planting container. To help your newly potted water lily establish itself faster in your pond, place the water lily at an initial depth of six inches below the water surface. As the water lily grows, it can be gradually lowered to its ideal depth of 12-18 inches below the water surface. Place your Tropic Sunset Water Lily in a sunny location where it will receive up to six or more hours of direct sunlight. However, the Tropic Sunset Water Lily can thrive in varying light conditions and will even bloom in partial shade conditions receiving up to four hour of direct sunlight. Unlike many other tropical water lilies, the Tropic Sunset Water Lily demonstrates a high degree of cold tolerance. Zones 9-11.

LiveAquaria® offers two groups of Water Lilies: Tropical Water Lilies that thrive in plant hardiness zones 9-11 and Hardy Water Lilies that thrive in plant hardiness zones 4-11. Be sure to select water lily varieties the are hardy to your zone to enjoy long-lasting beauty.

Approximate Purchase Size: 8" to 16"

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