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Underwater Galleries Castle & Ruins
Underwater Galleries Castle & Ruins
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* Durable, ceramic decorations for a unique aquarium look
* Aquarium ornaments made of eco-friendly, high-fired ceramic
* Transform the look of your aquarium and give fish areas to explore

Fill your aquarium with iconic architectural pieces for an imaginative aquascape. Highly-detailed Underwater Galleries Castle & Ruins make the perfect centerpiece for a dramatic aquarium display. These forward-thinking aquarium decorations capture the essence of time-worn structures in long-lasting ceramic. Eco-friendly replicas are not resin-based or petroleum derived or coated in lead-based paint. Hand-glazed decorations have the look of natural stone but are lightweight for easy placement.

Arch Ruin has a large swim-through opening and is great for aquariums with angelfish or discus. Aztec Ruin features a kneeling figure and boasts three openings for hiding and exploration. Romanian Castle is perched on a steep European cliff to add vertical visual interest and features two openings and two swim-through bridges.

Aquascape Hint: Use Underwater Galleries Castle & Ruins as the foundation of a wonderful, themed aquarium landscape. Whether it's a dense jungle concept or an Old World escape, gather like items for a fun and creative aquarium setup.

  Dimensions Openings
Arch Ruin 7" x 3" x 6-1/2" One
Aztec Ruin 5" x 3-1/2" x 6" Four
Romanian Castle 8" x 5" x 10-1/2" Four (Two openings
plus two swim-
through bridges)

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Eco-friendly and uniquely evocative, Underwater Galleries replicas are molded with care and hand-glazed to eye-catching perfection, then heated to more than 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit and forged into high-fired ceramic. Each piece is individually poured for consistency - no two are exactly alike. Underwater Galleries replicas are not resin-based or petroleum derived or coated in lead-based paint. Each finely crafted piece is, in essence, man-made stone…and because they're hollow, they won't displace or reduce the amount of water in your aquarium. They are an eco-friendly option for healthier, happier fish.

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