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Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue
Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue
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* Easy-to-use two part adhesive cures and sticks underwater
* General purpose adhesive bonds strongly to PVC and more
* Provides a strong bond between aquarium plumbing parts

Securely bond PVC and other materials even underwater. Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue is the perfect general purpose adhesive for repairs, tasks involving connecting or securing tubing/plumbing, and numerous other aquarium projects. Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue remains flexible and cures completely underwater for versatile application that resists vibration, bending, shrinking, expansion, and shock. Made with Bisphenol A. Cures white. Not intended for use on corals or live rock.

Directions for use
NOTE: Always test a small portion of the work to be performed to be sure that Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue is right for your task.

  1. Clean and roughen all bonding surfaces.
  2. Remove cap. Cut or snap tips off nozzle ends at groove.
  3. Mix equal parts of resin and hardener to uniform color.
  4. Apply to bonding surfaces, press together leaving glue between joints.
    • Working Time = 15 to 30 minutes.
    • Handling Time = 1 to 2 hours.
    • Full Cure Time = 24 hours.
  5. Replace cap on nozzle.
  6. Clean un-cured glue with alcohol.

Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue can be applied above or below water. Please note, cold temperatures slow cure time.

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