LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps
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Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps
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Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps
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*Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures
*Actinic lamp illuminates aquariums with softer shades of blue light
*Compatible with aquarium light fixture with electronic or magnetic ballasts

Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps emulate the softer shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water. Spectral peak at 420 nanometers promotes photosynthesis and causes corals to fluoresce in beautiful glowing colors. For use with saltwater and coral reef aquariums.

Watts Length Diameter
15 18" T-8
17 24" T-8
25 36" T-8
32 48" T-8
Actinic Spectrum Chart
Color Spectrum Chart
Actinic light peaking at 420nm. Strong emissions in the blue region of the spectrum simulate the softer shades of dusk, dawn and the blue hue of deeper water.

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