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Marineland Glass Canopies
Marineland Glass Canopies
Marineland Glass Canopies
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Glass aquarium canopies with durable polypropylene hinges sized to fit most Marineland aquariums
*Properly light up aquariums while providing splash protection
*Customize back strip for heaters, filters and other aquarium accessories

Protect equipment, livestock and aquarium aesthetics with Marineland Glass Canopies. Budget-friendly glass canopies provide splash protection for light fixtures and electrical components while keeping valuable fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Glass Canopies reduce evaporation and allow the maximum amount of light to pass into your aquarium. The result is beautifully illuminated AND properly filled aquariums without unsightly hard water lines.

Marineland Glass Canopies feature polypropylene hinges that are long wearing, easy to open and fold completely back to make feeding time simple. Removable plastic back strips allow easy customization to fit heaters, filters and other aquarium accessories. Perfect for tropical or saltwater aquariums.

Includes hinge, handle, and back plastic strip. The plastic back strip adds approximately 1-1/2" inches to the length.

Sized to fit Marineland brand aquariums. Please measure the top of your aquarium to ensure correct sizing.

Canopy Size Fits Tanks Width
Measured Left to Right
Measured Front to Back
Item #114877
5-1/2 gallon 15-11/32" 7-15/32"
Item #114888
10 gallon 19-1/4" 8/23/32"
Item #114903
15 gallon / 20H 23" 11-11/32"
Item #114916
20L / 29 gallon 29-5/32" 11-11/32"
Item #114929
30 gallon / 40H 35-3/16" 11-13/32"
55 / 60 gallon
w/center brace
22-31/32" (2 pieces) 11-5/32" (2 pieces)
36" x 18"
50 & 65 gallon
w/center brace
*16-7/8"(2 pieces) *16-19/32"(2 pieces)
48" x 18"
Item #114970
70, 75, 90 & 110 gallon
w/center brace
22-3/4"W (2 pieces) 16-1/2" (2 pieces)
72" x 18"
Item #114980
100, 125, 135, & 150 gallon
w/center brace
34-13/16" (2 pieces) 16-21/32" (2 pieces)

Glass canopies are the best choice for limiting evaporation and keeping jumping fish in the aquarium. They are economically priced, available in a variety of sizes, and can be used by themselves just as a top or with a strip light placed on top. Glass canopies are versatile and allow the most flexibility in lighting types and configuration.

When choosing the right canopy, the type of livestock that you are going to keep in the aquarium will also need to be taken into consideration prior to purchasing a canopy. If you are not sure or are thinking that you may switch the type of species you are going to keep in the future, a glass canopy is the best choice due to its versatility.

Customer Testimonials

Jennifer Ellis Mount Washington , WA
I purchased a used 55g aquarium and thought I'd never find a canopy that actually fit. These are PERFECT! My only issue is the plastic pieces are VERY difficult to attach to the glass. I ended up using a hair dryer to soften the plastic. With a lot of elbow grease they went on. They look great on my tank!
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