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Seachem Malawi/Victoria Buffer
Seachem Malawi/Victoria Buffer
Seachem Malawi/Victoria Buffer
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Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*pH conditioner/buffer for freshwater aquariums housing Malawi & Victoria cichlids
*Recreate water conditions found in Africa's Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria
*Increases aquarium alkalinity and maintains a pH between 7.8 - 8.4

Seachem’s Malawi/Victoria Buffer is a specifically designed formula that enhances the natural environment of freshwater aquariums housing African Rift Lake cichlids. Water conditioner/buffer helps promote proper health by providing appropriate levels of carbonate salt for African cichlids. Freshwater aquarium additive increases water hardness, buffering capacity, and pH to replicate the natural Rift Lake Malawi/Victoria environment. Formulated to raise and maintain pH between 7.8 - 8.4 depending on usage; an essential product for owners of Malawi and Victoria cichlids. Recommended for use when making water changes or when setting up a new freshwater African cichlid tank. Available in two economical sizes; 300 grams treats approximately 800 to 1,600 gallons.

For optimum replication of the Malawi/Victoria environment, use with Cichlid Lake Salt.

Directions for Use:
Use 5 g (1 level teaspoon) for each 10 to 20 gallons of water each day until desired pH is attained and maintained. Thereafter, use as required to maintain pH, usually no more than once every two to three weeks.


  • It is best to dissolve the buffer in fresh water before use. Use when setting up an aquarium or making water changes and between water changes, as needed, to maintain desired pH.

  • Seachem's Malawi/Victoria Buffer is formulated to maintain a pH between 7.8 and 8.4, depending on the amount used. To attain a higher pH than 8.4, use Tanganyika Buffer.

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