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Two Little Fishies SeaVeggies Clip
Two Little Fishies SeaVeggies Clip
Two Little Fishies SeaVeggies Clip
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* Feed your herbivorous aquarium fish what they crave
* Suction-mounted feeder secures veggies in place
* Durable plastic construction safe for fresh and saltwater use

Unique plastic clip with a large suction cup fantastic for feeding aquarium grazers and herbivores. Large suction cup secures the Vegi Clip to aquarium glass for quick and easy access during feeding. Sea Veggies Vegi Clip from Two Little Fishies floats when removed from suction cup, for easy retrieval. Use with Seaweed Selects, Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, spinach, lettuce and more. Plastic construction permits use in fresh and saltwater tanks, as well as terrariums. Remove any uneaten food from Vegi Clip within 12 to 24 hours to prevent uneaten food from affecting water quality. Replace with fresh food to provide a daily supply of nutritious vegetables. The amount of vegetable will depend on the number and appetite of your herbivores. Observe the feeding habits of your inhabitants and adjust amount accordingly to minimize waste.

If you are keeping herbivores in your aquarium, you will need to supplement their diet with vegetables. A great supplement for plant-eaters are the sheets, flakes or chunks of dried macroalgae that are now on the market. These veggies are often digested much more completely than foods derived from "land-based" vegetables, like lettuce, and most fish will accept them with gusto. Aquarist should feed their herbivores brown, green, and red algae species on a daily basis. Vegi Clips are an easy way to create a feast for your herbivores by creating unlimited access to the food they crave most.

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