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Variegated Cattail
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Variegated Cattail (Typha latifolia variegata)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Color Form Green, Tan
Water Conditions 60-80° F, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 8'
Origin Farm Raised
Family Typhaceae
Lighting Direct Sun to Medium Shade
Placement Edge
Propagation Runners
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The Variegated Cattail Plant isn't your common cattail, but an outstanding ornamental color variety with striking foliage with cream variegation. In sharp contrast to "regular" Cattail Plants that can visually overwhelm the pond landscape with a massive wall of "green", the Variegated Cattail Plant can inject a lighter, airier visual experience thanks to its lovely variegation. The Variegated Cattail Plant is a hardy pond plant and is often one of the first plants to show new growth after a long freezing winter. The sword-like leaves quickly fill in empty pond landscapes and reach full height by late spring. The Variegated Cattail Plant demonstrates an upright growth habit that complements rockwork and other hardscape with lovely greenery. The Variegated Cattail Plant can also be strategically planted as a living screen to obscure views of unsightly pond equipment.

During the height of summer, the Variegated Cattail Plant produces tall stalks with velvety nutmeg-brown seedpods. These 3" cigar-shaped pods eventually open to release white fluffy seeds. The Variegated Cattail Plant is a heavy feeder and thrives in wet conditions planted at the water's edge or immersed in water under full sun conditions. To maintain a neat appearance or to contain excess growth, pot the Variegated Cattail Plant in a 5-gallon planting container and set the planter in your pond so it is covered by up to 1 to 6 inches of water. Zones 3-11.

Approximate Purchase Size: 12" to 18"

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