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Corkscrew Rush
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Corkscrew Rush (Juncus effusus spiralis)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Color Form Green
Water Conditions 65-80° F, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 2'
Origin Farm Raised
Family Juncaceae
Lighting Direct Sun to Medium Shade
Placement Edge
Propagation Root division
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Add a unique twist to your pond or container water garden this season with the Corkscrew Rush! Ideal for pond edges or standing water up to 4" deep, this grassy perennial produces a tangle of cylindrical stems that spiral upward to a height of 24". Very tiny green flowers bloom in summer near the tips of each stem for additional visual interest. The Corkscrew Rush makes an excellent accent plant that introduces an unexpected and playful element that breaks up tired or predictable pond landscapes.

While the Corkscrew Rush may take a while to establish, it is generally easy to keep in wet conditions planted immersed in water or at the water's edge under full sun conditions. To maintain a neat appearance or to contain excess growth, pot the Corkscrew Rush in a 1 to 2-gallon planting container and set the planter in your pond so it is covered by up to 3 inches of water.

Creative water gardeners use the Corkscrew Rush to replicate a natural-looking bog habitat and the curly, spiral-shaped stems are often clipped and used to add architectural flair to flower arrangements and center pieces. Dense patches of Corkscrew Rush can also be employed to help control pond shoreline erosion. Zones 4-11.

Approximate Purchase Size: 12" to 18"

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