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Marine-Max Water Conditioner
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Marine-Max Water Conditioner

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* Provides natural disease protection for saltwater fish and invertebrates
* Helps prevent ich, aeromonas and other common diseases
* Disease preventing probiotic helps extend fish life with antioxidants and vitamins

Marine-Max is a dual-action disease preventative and life extension system for saltwater aquarium fish.

Dual-bottle system is half life-maximizing formula, half disease-preventing probiotic. The probiotic formula is a biological additive for saltwater aquariums. It includes probiotic bacterial strains that protect against ick, aeromonas, and other common saltwater fish diseases.

Life Maximizing Formula includes 17 antioxidants to help ensure cellular strength and boost natural disease immunity. Fights off oxidizers that can cause premature death. Contains pharmaceutical grade aquatic vitamins to improve saltwater fish health.

Marine Max is a copper, chemical, and drug-free way to protect against disease in saltwater aquariums. Totally natural product and safe for use with all marine fish and delicate invertebrates. 16 oz bottle treats up to 950 gallons.


Add 1 tsp of the disease preventative and 1 tsp of the antioxidant life maximizer per 20 gallons of water every two weeks. For unhealthy aquariums, use products three times a week until condition improves. When adding new fish to the aquarium or when performing partial water changes add 1 tsp of each bottle per 20 gallons of water.

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