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Green Scat
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Green Scat (Scatophagus argus)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Moderate
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Tan, Yellow
Diet Omnivore
Water Conditions 68-82° F, KH 8-12, pH 7.5-8.4
Max. Size 1'
Origin Indo-Pacific
Family Scatophagidae
Lighting Moderate
Minimum Tank Size 125 gallons
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The Green Scat is bronze to brown with dark green to black spots covering the entire body. As the Green Scat matures, it takes on a humpback appearance and the spots on the body become darker.

The Green Scat requires an aquarium of at least 125 gallons with plenty of plants and hiding places. They do best in brackish water with 3-4 teaspoons of salt per 2-1/2 gallons of water. It is important to choose live plants that thrive in brackish water.

The Green Scat spawns in the saltwater of the ocean, but the difference between the sexes and their breeding habits are unknown. Gradual change from brackish to saltwater will maximize the coloration and the health of the fish as they become older.

The Scat should be fed mainly vegetable based foods with meaty foods offered on occasion. Feed dried seaweed, lettuce, algae, quality flake food and occasionally brine shrimp.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 2"

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