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Twin Tail Betta (Male)
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Twin Tail Betta (Male) (Betta splendens)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Assorted, Blue, Red
Diet Carnivore
Water Conditions 75-86° F, KH 0-25, pH 6.0-8.0
Max. Size 2½"
Origin Farm Raised - Thailand
Family Belontiidae
Minimum Tank Size 1/4 Gallon
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This variety of Betta has a striking, elaborate tail that differentiates it from other Bettas. The Twin Tail has a split tail, almost giving the suggestion of having two tails. A similar fish, the Crown Tail, has a teardrop shape to its tail. The Twin Tail Betta is a type of "Siamese" Fighting Fish. These fish have been bred over the years to enhance the fins and remarkable variety of colors of the males, as well as making them increasingly combative. Therefore, only one male should be kept in a tank; however, smaller, shorter-finned females may be housed together with caution. In addition, a male and a female should only be housed together temporarily for breeding purposes. Females can be as colorful as the males, although, they rarely have the long finnage that is seen with the males.

An ideal environment for the Betta is a well-filtered aquarium that holds a steady temperature of between 75° and 86°F. For best care, Betta splendens should be kept singly in aquariums of at least 1/4 gallon. It also prefers a variety of hiding places amongst the foliage of freshwater plants. Therefore, having an appropriately-sized aquarium with a filter and heater is essential for the proper care of these otherwise hardy and colorful freshwater aquarium fish.

The Betta can be bred in the home aquarium. For breeding purposes, males and females can be temporarily housed together. Once laid by the female, the eggs are placed inside a bubblenest and tended by the male Betta. Fry appear in about 24 hours and must be fed very small food initially, such as crushed or powdered flakes and newly hatched brine shrimp. Fry will also take finely chopped hard-boiled egg yolk.

Provide the Betta with a carnivore diet consisting of a quality flake food, frozen or freeze dried bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Approximate Purchase Size: Less than 2"

Customer Testimonials

Carrie Lauzon Welland , AE
I have a male twin tale Betta who I recently just housed with some assorted Tetra. The Betta was very "annoyed" with the Tetra for the first few days, but now they live very peaceful together. I was surprised that they would get along because the Betta seemed so aggresive when they were first introduced.
Bobbie Dieckmann Chicago , IL
I currently have several Twin Tail Bettas. They seem as hardy as other varieties of Bettas. The only real problem I've ever had, especially on the longer finned varieties, has been fin/tail rot. This is easily prevented by keeping their water scrupulously clean and taking care when netting by using a soft net and not injuring their fins. Twin Tail Bettas are one of my favorites. They're beauties! 
Brittany Prater Hominy , OK
The Twin Tail Bettas are beautiful!!!
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