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LiveAquaria® Frozen Krill
LiveAquaria® Frozen Krill
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LiveAquaria® Frozen Krill
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*Single ingredient food
*For marine and freshwater carnivores
*Quick frozen for optimum nutritional value

LiveAquaria® has expanded its premium food line with LiveAquaria® Frozen Krill. This single ingredient fish food (see ingredient list below) was formulated for large aquarium marine and freshwater fish, Krill undergo a strict cleaning and sterilization process and are then quick frozen to offer optimum nutritional value. Krill is also a natural color enhancer.

Because LiveAquaria® Frozen Krill are readily accepted, they can become part of your carnivores’ main diet or used as a conditioning food. This single ingredient food can be enriched (with liquid vitamins, garlic, or other frozen fish food supplement) to elicit a feeding response from picky eaters.

Conveniently packaged in two flatpack sizes for your feeding requirements.


Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 7.50% min
Crude Fat 2.60% min
Crude Fiber 0.80% min
Moisture 87.0% max

Feeding Instructions Feed often, but no more than your fish will consume in two to three minutes. Avoid over-feeding and remove any uneaten food. Keep frozen.

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