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LiveAquaria® ProtoPro Freshwater
LiveAquaria® ProtoPro Freshwater
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LiveAquaria® ProtoPro Freshwater
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  • All-natural ich and protozoa aquarium treatment
  • The first NEW treatment for protozoal diseases in freshwater aquariums in nearly 40 years!
  • Safe for freshwater fish and invertebrates
  • Effective within minutes
  • Easy to use pre-dosed tablets (no liquids to measure or spill)
  • Biofilter friendly – does not harm nitrifying bacteria
  • Naturally degrades in water

LiveAquaria® ProtoPro is designed to be used in freshwater aquariums for the removal of protozoal parasites such asIch Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, also known as White Spot Disease. ProtoPro is also effective on Ambiphyra, Chilodonella, Ichthyobodo, Tetrahymena, and Trichodina. It is the first product of its kind to be introduced in nearly 40 years!

How it works
LiveAquaria® ProtoPro contains a cyclic lipopeptide molecule named Biokos™ that is extracted from a Pseudomonas genus bacterium that destroys the cellular membranes of protozoa.

What is BiokosTM
LiveAquaria® ProtoPro contains BiokosTM, a natural molecule that is extracted from a Pseudomonas genus bacterium. BiokosTM “twists” the cellular membranes of protozoa, causing holes and compromising membrane integrity.

Convenient packaging
ProtoPro freshwater is available in two sizes:
  • 8 tablet package. (15 gallons per tablet/120 gallons per box).
  • (2) 8 tablet package. (15 gallons per tablet/120 gallons per box/240 gallons total).
  • 16 tablet package. (15 gallons per tablet/240 gallons per box).
Tablets can be broken if needed. For aquariums 5-8 gallons, use half of a tablet.

Instructions for use
ProtoPro can be used in quarantine tanks if infected aquatic life can be isolated. If not possible, the dosing of the entire freshwater aquarium is possible.

Before starting to use ProtoPro, turn off protein skimmer and remove carbon filtration or any absorbent media (phosphate absorbents are okay). It is recommended to increase aeration in aquarium while using ProtoPro.

Before administering subsequent doses, replace 25% of the water prior to adding each dose. Dosing and water change frequency are dependent on water temperature. Refer to the tables below for instructions.

When dosing, drop tablets away from air stones or bubble wands to avoid a large accumulation of foam appearing on the water’s surface (some foam creation is expected).

Water Temperature Dosing (per 15 gallons)
63-69°F / 17-20°C 1 tablet / week until all white spots disappear.
70-76°F / 21-24°C 1 tablet every other day until all white spots disappear.
77-82°F / 25-28°C 1 tablet / day until all white spots disappear.

ProtoPro is effective in resolving Ichthyophthirius in its free-swimming phases (after trophonts attached to the fish drop into the water). In case of heavy infestation (white spots remain on the fish), repeat dosing schedule until resolved.

Other Protozoa
For Ichthyobodo, Trichodina, Tetrahymena, Ambiphrya, and Chilodonella

Water Temperature  Dosing (per 15 gallons)
72-77°F / 22-25°C 1 tablet on day one.

In case of strong infestation, repeat dosing schedule until resolved.
Exercise caution when using for the first time or when using on a different species of fish than used on previously.

LiveAquaria® ProtoPro Freshwater FAQs: Click here

Tablet Composition %
Biokos™ 30% min
Sodium bicarbonate 42% max
Citric acid max 22% max
Other ingredients 15% max

Tablets are made of aquarium compatible components. ProtoPro is not for use on food fish. ProtoPro is not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.


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