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LiveAquaria ProtoPro Freshwater
LiveAquaria ProtoPro Freshwater

The first NEW treatment for protozoal diseases in freshwater aquariums in nearly 40 years!

LiveAquaria® ProtoPro is designed to be used in freshwater aquariums for the removal of protozoal parasites such as Ich Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, also known as White Spot Disease. ProtoPro is also effective on Ambiphyra, Chilodonella, Ichthyobodo, Tetrahymena, and Trichodina.

Benefits of ProtoPro Freshwater

  • Use in freshwater aquariums with fish and invertebrates

  • Effective within minutes

  • Easy to use pre-dosed tablets (no liquids to measure or spill)

  • Biofilter friendly - does not harm nitrifying bacteria

  • Naturally degrades in water

What is BiokosTM

LiveAquaria® ProtoPro contains BiokosTM, a natural molecule that is extracted from a Pseudomonas genus bacterium. BiokosTM “twists” the cellular membranes of protozoa, causing holes and compromising membrane integrity.

ProtoPro Freshwater FAQs

Is there supposed to be foam created when I use ProtoPro?

Some foam creation is expected. When dosing, drop tablets away from air stones or bubble wands to avoid a large accumulation of foam appearing on the water's surface.

How many gallons of water does one tablet work on?

Use one tablet of freshwater ProtoPro for each 15 gallons of water.

Can I follow the dosing schedule for Ich more than once?

Yes, in the case of heavy infestation (white spots remain on the fish), you can repeat the process until resolved.

Does the temperature of the water affect how much or how often I use the tablets?

Yes, please refer to the dosing charts for this information.

What is BiokosTM?

BiokosTM is a natural molecule that has been extracted from a Pseudomonas genus bacterium and is effective in damaging the cellular membranes of protozoa.

Is ProtoPro safe for use in saltwater aquariums?

No; ProtoPro freshwater is not for use in saltwater with marine fish, inverts, or corals.

Is dosing simple?

ProtoPro is easy to use and comes in dissolvable tablets. There are no liquids to measure or spill.

What makes ProtoPro different from other products that resolve Ich?

ProtoPro is an all-aquarium remedy so infected fish or inverts do not have to be isolated or so dosing does not require a quarantine tank.

Is ProtoPro safe?

Yes. We have tested ProtoPro in our own facility.

Do I have to use ProtoPro in a quarantine tank?

You can choose to use product in a quarantine tank if the infected aquatic life can be isolated. If not possible, dosing of the entire freshwater aquarium is possible.

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