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HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe
HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe
HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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*Quality electronic ORP probe for your HYDROS Control aquarium controller platform
* Accurately measure and monitor aquarium ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value
* Measuring and monitoring aquarium ORP value is key to maintaining high water quality

High-quality electronic probe for accurate ORP measurement essential for maintaining superior aquarium water quality. The HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe is an important component of your HYDROS Control aquarium controller platform for precise measurement of aquarium ORP levels especially if you have a coral reef aquarium or any system where high water quality is crucial to the success of your aquarium. Routine measurement of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value provides insight into the health of your aquarium water and its ability to efficiently break down organic waste materials and other pollutants. In general, a high ORP value indicates higher dissolved oxygen content and thus an environment that supports a healthy population of beneficial aerobic bacteria key to efficient nitrification (the breakdown of nitrogenous waste products including toxic ammonia and nitrite). The HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe boasts long, continuous-duty expectancy, fast response and, most importantly, is non-toxic to aquarium systems. The HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe features a 10 foot cable with a high interference suppression jacket, sealed Ag/AgCl reference, and Standard BNC Connector. Probe Storage Bottle is included to help ensure proper probe storage and to help extend probe life when not in use.

HYDROS Pinpoint ORP Probe Features

  • Fast and precise ORP measurement to (minus) -2,000 mV.
  • 10-foot cable with high suppression jacket to shield from electrical interference
  • Universal BNC connector
  • Fully submersible/waterproof
  • Ag-AgCl reference
  • Includes Probe Storage Bottle

HYDROS ORP Redox 400mV Calibration Fluid, HYDROS Control aquarium controllers, and accessories sold separately.

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