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HYDROS pH Calibration Fluid
HYDROS pH Calibration Fluid
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HYDROS pH Calibration Fluid
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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* Individually sealed, single-use solution packets for accurate calibration of electronic aquarium pH testing instruments
* Standardized calibration solutions establish reference points necessary to ensure precise measurement of aquarium pH
* Use both the 7.01 pH and 10.01 pH solutions to establish two points of reference when calibrating for marine aquariums

Ensure accurate results from your electronic pH testing equipment with individually-sealed, single-use calibration solutions. Each sealed packet of HYDROS pH Calibration Fluid contains approximately 20mL of standardized calibration solution - just the right amount to allow proper calibration with minimal waste. HYDROS pH Calibration Fluids are available in color-coded packets for a 7.01 neutral pH and a 10.01 high range pH standard, ensuring two points of reference when calibrating your electronic pH probe for marine aquarium use. Once your pH probe is calibrated, experience extremely precise measurement of marine aquarium pH levels!

7.01 pH Calibration Solution
Neutral pH calibration packet used by almost all pH monitors and controllers for calibration.

10.01 pH Calibration Solution
High range calibration solution ideal when calibrating your pH probe for saltwater aquarium use.

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