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Hydros WaveEngine APX Link
Hydros WaveEngine APX Link
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* HYDROS APX Link allows connection to the WaveEngine’s 0-10V input port via third-party controller for remote-control of WaveEngine
* Ability to connect WaveEngine to any third-party aquarium controller with compatible ports
* Simplified control

The HYDROS WaveEngine APX Link allows you to connect the WaveEngine's 0-10V input port directly to a Neptune Systems Apex aquarium controller (rather than using an outlet) so you can remotely control the WaveEngine from an Apex Fusion.

This remote-control capability is not limited to only Neptune Systems aquarium controllers. You can connect the WaveEngine to any third-party aquarium controller with compatible ports.

This cable can simplify control of the WaveEngine to some degree if you only want to use one app. For example, if you turn on Feed Mode from your Apex controller, Feed Mode will automatically be activated on the WaveEngine. If you perform a water change, you can automatically turn off all your pumps from your Apex without having to switch between apps.

Another benefit of this cable is that you can use it to control Jebao pumps with the WaveEngine.

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