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Red Sea ReefLED 90 Reef Lighting System
Red Sea ReefLED 90 Reef Lighting System
Red Sea ReefLED 90 Reef Lighting System
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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* Smart LED reef lighting system for midsize/large aquariums supports optimal coral growth and coloration
* Provides ideal PAR values without hotspots or areas with insufficient light for coral growth
* Built-in Wi-Fi connects directly to the internet for smartphone control via ReefBeat® app

Innovative smart LED lighting system boasts "reef safe" design to optimize coral growth and dramatic coloration as well as gentle shimmering aquarium illumination. Red Sea ReefLED 90 Reef Lighting System features a single, compact LED array that includes a multi-wavelength, 23,000K "REEF-SPEC Blue" channel (a proprietary blend of blue, violet and ultraviolet LEDs) and an 8,000K White channel that provides a reef-safe range of color temperatures that enable all corals to flourish. Separate dedicated 3W moonlight channel provides low levels of light for reef-safe night-time viewing. Optical-glass, hollow lens ensures a homogenous light spectrum with ideal PAR values throughout the aquarium, without hotspots or areas with insufficient light for coral growth.

The Red Sea ReefLED 90 Reef Lighting System features built-in Wi-Fi that connects directly to the internet, enabling you to control your reef lighting system from your smartphone using Red Sea’s ReefBeat® smart aquarium app. ReefBeat app provides a number of preset lighting programs you can choose from as well as additional features including sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moon light, random clouds and even an acclimation program for new installations. ReefBeat also provides best-practice guidelines during setup as well as useful notifications to your smartphone, for example, in the event of a power outage.

The Red Sea ReefLED 90 Reef Lighting System measures just 4.7" x 4.7" x 2" high and is suitable for use with midsize and larger reef aquariums. Use multiple units to satisfy your particular reef lighting needs.

* REEF-SPEC light output for optimal coral growth and coloration
* Homogenous light with a gentle shimmer
* Reef-safe dual-channel color setting plus dedicated moonlights
* ReefBeat® app for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications
* Anti-glare recessed lens

Compact LED array 90W
8,000K White 10W
Moonlight 3W
PAR at water surface 500 µmol/m²/sec
PAR at depth of 20" 150 µmol/m²/sec
Coverage 24"x24"

General Information
Years of development are behind Red Sea's ReefLED Wi-Fi lights which have been are designed to ensure optimal coral growth and maximum rendition of their vibrant colors.

At the heart of the unit is a compact LED array that provides a reef-safe range of REEF-SPEC® light through a single REEF-SPEC® Blue (23,000 Kelvin) channel and an 8,000 Kelvin White channel. In addition, it has a separate dedicated moonlight channel to provide low levels of light for reef-safe nighttime viewing. The compact LED array is under an optical glass, hollow lens that creates homogeneous light, giving dramatic coral coloration and a gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.

ReefLED can only be operated by Red Sea's ReefBeat® app which must be installed on a smart mobile device with internet connectivity. ReefBeat provides a wide range of easy-to-use functions including notifications if there is a loss of communication with your ReefLED- such as in the case of power failure. ReefBeat® is under constant development and over time will include additional connected devices as well as additional aquarium management tools.

For full functionality, each ReefLED must have a permanent connection to the internet through your home Wi-Fi network. In this mode of operation, you will be able to see the current status of your ReefLEDs, change the settings or receive notifications on your SMD whenever you have access to the internet.

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