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Kyathit Orange Finned Danio
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Kyathit Orange Finned Danio (Danio kyathit)

Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Blue, Gold, Orange
Diet Omnivore
Water Conditions 64-75° F, KH 8-12, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 2"
Origin Captive-Bred
Family Cyprinidae
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallons
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The Kyathit Orange Finned Danio is a very attractive fish best described perhaps as the Zebra Danio Danio rerio in “High Definition.” The Kyathit Orange Finned Danio boasts a similarly striped pattern to the Zebra Danio but differs from the classic freshwater favorite by sporting irregular spotted or continuous horizontal stripes that stretch from the gill to the end of the tail compared to the uniform stripes of the Zebra Danio. Also, the overall silver-gold body coloration of the Kyathit Orange Finned Danio appears to be accentuated by a warm copper orange glow with the perimeter of the body showing off the deepest orange coloration - especially the dorsal, anal and caudal fins.

Native to the rivers and tributaries of Myanmar, wild Kyathit Orange Finned Danios are found in a variety of habitats, ranging from fast-moving streams to slow-moving, nearly stagnant ponds. In the home aquarium, this member of the Cyprinidae family prefers a well-planted aquarium with large, open areas for swimming. House the Kyathit Orange Finned Danio in an aquarium of at least 10 gallons or larger aquascaped with live plants, rocks and driftwood. Darker substrate will help bring out best coloration.

For best care, keep this peaceful fish in small schools with equally non-aggressive fish. The Kyathit Orange Finned Danio is a highly active swimmer, especially when kept in small schools, so additional water flow provided by a powerhead will be greatly appreciated.

Male Danios are generally more torpedo shaped, while females tend to have a larger belly. A breeding pair should be placed in a breeding aquarium with fine-leaved plants for them to spawn over and scatter the eggs. The fry should be fed small pieces of live foods, such as brine shrimp.

Kyathit Orange Finned Danios are omnivores and should be fed a diet of flake foods with plenty of vegetable matter, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex.

Approximate Purchase Size:1-1/4" to 1-3/4"

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