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Seachem Tidal™ Zeolite Pouch
Seachem Tidal™ Zeolite Pouch
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*Ultra-convenient Tidal Zeolite pouches specifically for Seachem Tidal Power Filters 55, 75, or 110
*Effectively removes ammonia & heavy metals in aquarium water
*Won't deplete calcium in saltwater; won't increase hardness in freshwater

With ultra-convenient Seachem Tidal Zeolite Pouches, you'll optimize chemical filtration in your Seachem Tidal Power Filter (size 55, 75, or 110) quickly, easily, and with virtually no mess. Zippered Tidal Zeolite Pouches contain precise amounts (190 ml, 250 ml, or 375 ml) of Seachem Tidal Zeolite filter media portioned specifically for use in Seachem Tidal Power Filters.

Zeolite - a naturally occurring, highly porous mineral - binds ammonia and heavy metals in aquarium water through an ion exchange mechanism. Seachem Tidal Zeolite has the highest ammonia-binding capacity of any available zeolite; 10X higher than some products and twice the capacity of the closest competitor. Seachem Tidal Zeolite won't deplete calcium in saltwater, and won't increase general hardness in freshwater, where the ionic strength is low.

190 ml treats up to 55 gallons, 250 ml treats up to 75 gallons, 375 ml treats up to 110 gallons.


Rinse pouch before use. Do not remove Zeolite from its mesh bag. Lay mesh bag lengthwise and distribute Zeolite evenly before placing it in the filter basket above foam and below any biological filtration media.

Improve Aquarium Water Quality with Chemical Filter Media

Chemical filtration is the simplest way to remove potentially dangerous pollutants from fresh and saltwater systems. A variety of chemical filter media are readily available. Most chemical media remove specific pollutants from the water column while others are combined to create multi-functional chemical filter media that simplify removal of multiple pollutants.


Zeolite is a mineral-based media with porous composition. It differs from other chemical filter media in that it specifically absorbs and removes ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds from freshwater aquariums. As an added benefit, many forms of zeolite can rapidly reduce large concentrations of ammonia from the water column. Some forms can also be soaked in saltwater to recharge their absorptive abilities for reuse within your aquarium filter. It is available in both natural and synthetic forms. While primarily used for freshwater applications, special zeolite media is also available for marine aquariums.

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