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Eheim Replacement Filter Pads
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Eheim Replacement Filter Pads

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* Replacement filter pads for Eheim Professional Series canister filters
* Provide outstanding mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration
* These filter pads maintain optimum Eheim filter performance

Specially designed Eheim filter pads provide outstanding mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. They maintain even water flow while mechanically filtering coarse particles as well as the finest particles. Beneficial bacteria gradually colonize the special foam material and provide additional biological filtration. Carbon Filter Pads have an adsorptive effect, trapping dissolved pollutants on the filter surface and removing them from the water column.

Filter Pad Set (1 Coarse Pad, 2 Fine Pads) fits Eheim Filter Models 2026/2126/2226 and 2028/2128/2228. Carbon Filter Pad Set Fits Eheim Filter Models 2026/2226 and 2028/2228.

Filter Pad Maintenance and Replacement
The white filter pad provides mechanical fine filtration. Since adhering dirt particles cannot be rinsed out completely, the filter pad must not be used more than once. Insert new pad. The same applies with the carbon pad. After excessive use, the collected pollutants may detach again; therefore, the pads may only be used for short periods (1 - 2 weeks).

The blue filter pad may be re-used two to three times. Wash gently under running water before re-inserting so that some of the resident bacteria are retained.

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