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Zebra Longfin Danio
Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen.
Zebra Longfin Danio (Danio rerio)

Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Blue, Purple, White, Yellow
Diet Omnivore
Water Conditions 64-75° F, KH 8-12, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 3"
Origin Farm Raised - USA
Family Cyprinidae
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallons
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The Zebra Longfin Danio is a long fin variety developed through selective breeding. The Zebra Longfin Danio shares the same characteristics of the hardy and popular Zebra Danio but enhanced with long, elegant fins. This variety of Danio rerio is either silver or gold with five uniform blue/purple stripes that stretch from the gill to the end of the tail. The flowing fins of the Zebra Longfin Danio accentuate the horizontal stripes to give this beautiful fish a refined and fluid quality when it is in motion.

Native to the Ganges region in Eastern India, wild Zebra Danios are found in a variety of habitats, ranging from fast-moving streams to slow-moving, nearly stagnant ponds. In the home aquarium, this member of the Cyprinidae family prefers a well-planted aquarium with large, open swimming areas. For the best care, keep the peaceful Zebra Longfin Danio in small schools with equally non-aggressive fish. Since they are omnivores, feed the Zebra Longfin Danio a varied diet of flake and frozen foods.

Male Zebra Longfin Danios are generally more torpedo shaped, while females tend to have a larger belly. Generally, male Zebra Longfin Danios spawn with and remain loyal to one female. A breeding pair should be placed in a breeding aquarium with fine-leaved plants for them to spawn over. Roughly 300-400 eggs are produced and hatch within two days. The fry should be fed small pieces of live foods, such as brine shrimp.

Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4" to 1 1/2"

Customer Testimonials

Josh R New Hyde Park , NY
I love my Longfin Zebra Danios! I call them my hyperactive fish because they do not stop swimming. Very active and they are super fast too; hard to catch in a net. They have blue and shimmery horizontal stripes which look really cool. Mine will pretty much eat anything. A word of caution, they can be fin nippers but usually keep to their own species. Mine sometimes try to nip other fish but stop after a short while. They may chase faster fish. They also tend to swim towards the top of the tank but when well oxygenated, will explore all over your tank. Great little cheap fish.
Jan C Topeka , KS
I LOVE these fish - they are in constant motion, swimming so fast. Sometime a couple will chase each other but I think that is more of an attempt at aggression than play but they never hurt the other fish. (or any other species)
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