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Yellowtail Damselfish
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Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Color Form Blue, Yellow
Diet Omnivore
Reef Compatible Yes
Water Conditions sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4
Max. Size 2¾"
Origin Indo-Pacific
Family Pomacentridae
Minimum Tank Size 30 gallons
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The Yellowtail Damselfish is extremely hardy and gorgeously colored. In fact, Chrysiptera parasema is considered by many aquarists, both beginning and advanced, to be the ultimate damselfish. This is partly because its jewel-blue body is contrasted by an energizing yellow tail. This color combination looks stunning against any backdrop of corals and live rock. But what pleases aquarists most is that the Yellowtail Damsel is less aggressive and does not need as large of an aquarium as other Damsels.

Native to the reefs of the Indo-Pacific, this member of the Pomacentridae family prefers multiple hiding places and peaceful tankmates. Though most Yellowtail Damselfish will ignore other fish, invertebrates, or corals, some may be territorial towards its own kind or similar-sized fish. The Yellowtail Damsel is best kept in small groups of odd numbered fish in suitably sized systems.

Also known as the Yellowtail Blue Damselfish or Yellowtail Demoiselle, and sometimes confused with the Azure Damselfish, C. parasema feeds on zooplankton and algae in the aquarium. For best care, it should also be fed a varied diet of meaty foods, such as mysis and vitamin-enriched shrimp. It is best to feed several small meals throughout the day.

Yellowtail Damsels have been bred in captivity. Though difficult to sex, males are usually larger and more slender and become aggressive towards females when ready to mate. However, the male Yellowtail Damsel is ultimately responsible for the care and guardianship of the eggs and will become very territorial while watching over his brood.

Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1/2" to 1"; Medium: 1" to 1-1/2"

Customer Testimonials

Garrett W Council , ID
I have a one inch long Yellowtail Damsel. She is a great fish. No agression. Gets along with a Pearlscale Butterfly, Tomato Clown, and Blue Damsel. Great fish!!
Jake K Charlotte , NC
Hardy as all get out! Very good eaters, even right after acclimation. They are VERY territorial and my 2 make the "cyclone dance" often. Larger tanks and plenty of space recommended. Will wag their tails in aggression/territorialism with your more peaceful fish and inverts. Incredibly beautiful.
Ray G Porterville , CA
My yellow tail has lived for 4 months. I started him in a 20 gallon long tank and now he swims happily with my 3 strip damsels and two clowns in a 75 gallon. I would recommend this fish to everyone.
Brett W Hartford , CT
I bought one to cycle my tank and he hasn't died yet! The blue isn't quite as brilliant as the bluedevil's (but almost) but makes up for this with the yellow tail. Mine is very passive, runs from a bluedevil, and doesn't give the chromis a second glance. I definately recommend this fish.
Daniel C San Antonio , TX
I love my yellowtail. He took to his new tank like it had always been home. A little agressive towards the clownfish, but does not tip. I've done lots of homework on other types of damsels, but since I only have a 24 gallon tank, I think my best bet is to get 2 more. You can't beat the price on this beauty.
Charles L Drexel Hill , PA
Absolutely the hardiest fish around! Excellent fish for cycling new tanks. Great beginner fish and inexpensive as well. Needs plenty of places to hide once you add new species. Will be territorial and aggressive toward own kind. Buy these fish in odd numbers: three, five, and seven.
Troy Q Wheeling , WV
This is by far the hardiest species I have ever owned. They are aggressive feeders, especially when kept in groups. Great buy for cycling tanks or trying to add a relatively inexpensive, hardy splash of color!
Ralph N Kent , WA
This damsel is great for breaking in a tank, then being able to add other fish to the tank after the cycle. My damsel has survived two moves to bigger tanks, a couple of power outages and an earthquake. I swear if we had saltwater in our toilet bowls this guy could live there. They are very beautiful, easy to feed, and everyone loves their brilliant coloring. He is a great fish to add a little blue to a small tank.
Crystal P Three Rivers , MA
My Yellowtail tends to be happy swimming around in his corner of the tank all day. The only time he shows some spunk is when it's feeding time and then he'll face the wrath of my Blue Devil to eat. It gets along nicely with the other fish in the tank though.
Peter S Chicago , IL
Great addition to any marine aquarium...whether it's cycled or not! A very hardy fish. It's also very fun to watch. It's a very active fish which doesn't show too much aggression. I have 2 in the same tank, and they get along just fine. It occasionally wagged its tail in my algae goby's face upon arrival, but it seems fine now. I highly recommend this fish for the beginner or expert saltwater aquarist.
Beau B Swanville , MN
This is a perfect fish for anyone. I have two in a 30 gallon aquarium and they get along with all my other fish and inverts. Great coloration for the price!
Jennifer G Chattanooga , TN
A gorgeous fish that is a lot of fun to watch! My Clarks Clown's are much larger than he is, so he doesn't bother them one bit. He loves to swim into the water moved by the powerheads and always is the first one to greet me when I come to test, feed or even just view the tank up close. He even swims to the front of the tank when our dog takes a look!
Charles B San Antonio , TX
Have a nice school of them in my 500 gallon reef tank... they look awesome and really don't bother the reef or other fish
Jesse W Marietta , GA
They are sooo cute & fun to watch!! I have had it for 2 days, and the 1st half hour they hid behind a rock and now they act like they own the tank!! I have 2 of them and got them partly because of their beauty and becuase i hoped that they would put my clownfish in her place, as she has been beating up on my PJ Cardinalfish. I have 2 clownfish, and a PJ Cardialfish & they havent given Windexx (PJfish) a glance. I would totally reccomand them, but get at least 2 as they are social fish.
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