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Reaching a size of around five inches in captivity, Squirrelfish do best when maintained in a small group. Their diet includes small fish, plankton, and other invertebrates. The ideal aquarium for these fish includes a larger sized aquarium (over 70 gallons), plenty of rockwork and overhangs, and a well-sealed lid. Introduce Squirrelfish to the aquarium simultaneously to limit aggression toward one particular fish.
4 results
Big Eye Black Bar Soldierfish Big Eye Black Bar Soldierfish
(Myripristis sp.)
Starting at $49.99
Glass Eye Squirrelfish Glass Eye Squirrelfish
(Heteropriacanthus cruentatus)
Starting at $49.99
Sammara Squirrelfish Sammara Squirrelfish
(Neoniphon sammara)
Starting at $24.99
Squirrelfish, Striped Squirrelfish, Striped
(Sargocentron sp.)
Starting at $29.99