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Featured Video: LiveAquaria® Diver’s Den® Deep Dive: ORA® Aquacultured Aquatic Life available at LiveAquaria®

Check out this episode of our Diver's Den® Deep Dive featuring Eric Radi! This episode showcases aquacultured aquatic life from ORA® Oceans Reefs & Aquariums. Visit our ORA® Fish, Corals & Inverts category and shop our offering of premium aquacultured corals, captive-bred fish, and invertebrates for a sensible alternative to wild caught specimens.

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ORA Captive-Bred Premium Gladiator Clownfish

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Bulk fish food at great prices. I would definitely recommend LiveAquaria, checkout is easy and the food always arrives on time.
C. Wilson, Source: Bizrate survey, June '21
Pond Care
Pond Care
Get the most out of pond season with hot tips and in-depth information regarding koi care, pond plants, and overall pond and water garden maintenance. Visit our Pond & Water Gardens category in the LiveAquaria® Education Center where you will find all the information you need for a beautiful and successful pond or water garden!
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Benefits of Owning an Aquarium
Benefits of Owning an Aquarium
Aquariums are beautiful additions to any home, and the aquarium hobby integrates well with today's hectic lifestyle. But beyond their aesthetic value, aquariums have many unique qualities that enrich the life of anyone involved in this engaging hobby. Discover why so many people find having an aquarium (or many) a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor.
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Prevent a Warm Water Disaster
Prevent a Warm Water Disaster
For aquarists, summer can be one of the most challenging times of the year, especially when dealing with water temperatures. Guarantee your aquarium remains healthy throughout the warmer summer months by understanding what happens to the water when it warms and investing in the proper equipment to prevent a warm water disaster.
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Easy Tips for Improved Aquarium Water Quality
Easy Tips for Improved Aquarium Water Quality
Poor water quality is every aquarist's worst nightmare. After all, unfavorable water conditions stress - and potentially kill - aquarium inhabitants. Excess nutrients, high ammonia levels, and low dissolved oxygen content are common examples of potentially dangerous aquarium conditions. Learn how to identify and remedy these conditions to maintain a healthy aquatic environment.
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10 Ways to Say Adios to Algae
10 Ways to Say Adios to Algae
The appearance and growth of algae in an aquarium is not necessarily bad. However, when the algae is allowed to grow out of control and left unchecked, it can also quickly cover the decorations, diminishing the appeal of the entire environment. Learn how to help control algae growth in your aquarium with these 10 Ways to Say Adios to Algae!
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Feed Different Foods for Complete Fish Nutrition
Feed Different Foods for Complete Fish Nutrition
Providing proper nutrition is a very simple way to maintain the health of your aquarium inhabitants. A varied diet is key to maintaining proper nutrition and the overall well-being of your fish. Offer supplementary foods in addition to the "staple" diet for better nutrition and to enrich the diet of your fish with greater tastes and textures.
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Aquarium Essentials Overview
Simplify equipment selection with the following guide. We will help you through equipment selection so you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a successful aquarium setup.
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Pond Fish Food Overview
Did you know the time of year determines what foods you should offer koi and other pond fish for proper nutrition? Discover what foods to offer – and when – to ensure the overall health and longevity of your koi and other pond fish!
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Diver's Den Freshwater Quarantine Process
All fish are quarantined and acclimated to captive conditions under strict protocols regardless of species.
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LiveAquaria® - Quality Aquatic Life Direct to Your Door

LiveAquaria is committed to offering sustainably raised aquatic life that is either aquacultured or responsibly harvested, which includes careful attention to both the animals and the habitat.

LiveAquaria is your single destination for all things aquatic. Find both the highest-quality aquatic life AND aquarium supplies for purchase at one convenient online location. LiveAquaria offers aquarium hobbyists the best shopping experience possible, with a trusted selection of freshwater and marine fish, corals, reef rock, invertebrates, live plants, AND quality aquarium supplies. . . all at great prices!

Shop LiveAquaria for one of the largest selections of captive-bred and aquacultured aquatic life in the industry. LiveAquaria seeks out the best fish, corals, and invertebrates from the most responsible suppliers, aquaculture facilities, breeders, and hatcheries in the United States, Asia, and Europe to provide aquarium hobbyists a viable alternative to wild-harvested fish whenever possible.

We also propagate a fine selection of our own corals at our LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. This cutting-edge facility is also home to our popular Diver's Den® WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Store where you can shop online for one-of-a-kind Marine and Freshwater Fish; Aquacultured Corals; Clams, LPS Corals; SPS Corals, Maricultured Corals; Polyp, Mushroom, and Soft Corals; Nonphotosynthetic (NPS) Corals; and Invertebrates you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

You'll find extensive information on every species available at LiveAquaria to make the process of researching and purchasing aquarium inhabitants informative and convenient. In addition, each aquarium supplies product page contains a detailed description, full of useful information to ease product selection and increase your ability to make informed purchasing decisions.

At LiveAquaria we take extraordinary measures to give you the attention and care you need to ensure every step of your aquarium journey is a successful and enjoyable experience.

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