LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: Dennerle Nano CO2 Complete Kit
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Dennerle Nano CO2 Complete Kit
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Dennerle Nano CO2 Complete Kit
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*Complete CO2 Set for optimizing photosynthesis in your freshwater planted aquarium
*Provides a steady, reliable source of CO2, the most important fertilizer for aquarium plants
*Comes with CO2 test indicator

Plants are made up of almost 50% carbon, meaning CO2 is one of the most important nutrients they need for healthy growth. Provide them with a steady, precise supply with the Dennerle Nano CO2 Complete Kit.

The Nano Complete kit is ideal for mini or nano planted aquariums and will provide the right amount of CO2 for optimizing photosynthesis in your freshwater planted aquarium and supporting healthy, vibrant plants and a lush underwater landscape.

An additional source of CO2 is especially important if you want to grow fast-growing or demanding aquatic plants. The CO2 kit will also help regulate the pH value of your aquarium water.

Kit includes:
- Stand
- Disposable CO2 cartridge
- Nano pressure reducer
- CO2 check valve
- CO2 hose
- Hose support
- Nano-Flipper
- CO2 long-term test correct
- CO2 special indicator
- Pipette

Important safety information for carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders:
- Use only to supply CO2 to aquaria
- CO2 cylinders are highly pressurized. Do not throw CO2 cylinders in the trash
- Protect from direct sun and temperatures above 120°F.
- CO2 supply only in conjunction with suitable pressure reducers for disposable CO2 cartridges with connecting thread 5/8-18 UNF
- Cylinders must always be in an upright position when supplying CO2. Secure cylinders to prevent them from falling over
- Do not open CO2 cylinders by force
- Avoid breathing in CO2 gas. Keep out of reach of children

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