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Pondmaster Clearguard Backwash Air Kit
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Pondmaster Clearguard Backwash Air Kit
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*Invaluable maintenance kit for Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filters
*Easily attaches to Clearguard Filter to enhance backwashing process
*Dislodges settled debris with forced air for a thorough filter cleaning

Keep your Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter performing its best season after season. Pondmaster Clearguard Backwash Air Kit attaches easily to your Clearguard Filter to super-charge the backwashing process with forced air. Powerful agitation in the filter media chamber breaks up stubborn debris buildup for a more thorough cleaning. Effectively dislodges debris that clogs and diminishes filter media performance.

Installs easily onto the Drain Plug of your Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter (both non-UV unit and Pondmaster Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter with UV. Pondmaster Clearguard Backwash Air Kit includes a 1/2" NPT x Barbed Elbow Fitting, 10 ft. vinyl tubing, inline ball valve, hose clamps and an air pump.

For Use with Clearguard
Pressurized Pond Filter
(Mfg# 15660)
Model 2700
Model 5500
(Mfg# 15670)
Model 8000


  1. Turn off power to Water Pump supplying the Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier if included with your filter.
  2. Turn Top Valve to Setting 7 WINTERIZE to allow air into the filter. Empty the water in the pressure filter by removing the Drain Plug from the Bottom Drain in the Filter Drum. IMPORTANT: Do not lose the Drain Plug. Store in a safe place for future use.
  3. Clear area around Drain Plug of pressure filter, leaving room to turn Barbed Elbow Fitting into the Drain Adapter.
  4. Check that the O-Ring is in place on the Drain Plug Adaptor and that the Bottom Drain threads are clean.
  5. Then install the Drain Plug Adaptor into Bottom Drain opening.
  6. Wrap the threads of the Barbed Elbow Fitting with plumber's Teflon® Tape (not included).
  7. Install Barbed Elbow Fitting into Drain Plug Adaptor. Hand tighten until barb is in a horizontal orientation.
  8. Lay out Tubing, Inline Ball Valve, and Air Pump in desired location from the pressure filter. Determine where the Inline Ball Valve will be best located to ensure easy access.
  9. Cut Tubing and install Inline Ball Valve using two Hose Clamps. TURN HANDLE ON INLINE BALL VALVE TO "CLOSED" POSITION.
  10. Install one end of the Tubing onto the Barbed Elbow Fitting and secure with the remaining Hose Clamp.
  11. Insert open end of Tubing into Rubber Coupling as far as it will go (approximately 7/8") and secure with Spring Clamp.
  12. Attach open end of Rubber Coupling to Air Pump and use Spring Clamp to secure to pump outlet.

Check that Inline Ball valve is in closed position. Pressure filter can now be refilled and operated normally. Check connections before leaving filter unattended.

Backwash Air Kit Operation:
  1. Close Inline Ball Valve to Air Pump.
  2. Turn off Water Pump supplying the pressure filter.
  3. Turn the Top Valve to Setting 3 CIRCULATE.
  4. Turn on Air Pump.
  5. Open Inline Ball Valve and let it run for approximately 2 minutes.
  6. Close Inline Ball Valve.
  7. Turn off Air Pump.
  8. Turn Pressure Filter Valve to Setting 4 BACKWASH.
  9. Activate Water Pump. Dirty water will exit from the Waste Hose.
  10. Turn off Water Pump supplying the pressure filter.
  11. Turn Pressure Filter Valve to Setting #2 RINSE and run Water Pump for a 20 to 30 seconds to clear debris in Top Valve.
  12. Turn off Water Pump supplying the pressure filter.
  13. If needed, repeat Steps 1-11. Multiple backwash cycles may be required.
  14. To resume filtration, verify that Inline Ball Valve is in "CLOSED" position. Then turn Air Pump odd and turn Pressure Filter Valve to Setting #1 FILTER and turn on Water Pump.

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