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One And Only Nitrifying Bacteria by DrTim's Aquatics
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One And Only Nitrifying Bacteria by DrTim's Aquatics

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*Special blend of nitrifying bacteria rapidly conditions aquarium water
*Prevents ammonia and nitrite toxicity in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
*Establish a balanced aquarium quickly with biological filtration in a bottle

Bacterial additive developed by Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec, the renowned expert on nitrifying bacteria. Unlike many other bacterial additives, fish can be added immediately after use. Eliminates new tank syndrome, instantly creates a biofilter, and naturally removes toxic ammonia and nitrite. Use when setting up a new aquarium, or after water changes and disease treatments to quickly establish a natural biological filter. You cannot overdose with this product - use entire bottle to treat aquarium. Keep refrigerated for longer life. 2 oz treats up to 30 gallons.

Choose from three target formulas: H20-Pure for freshwater aquariums; NaH20-Pure for Saltwater Aquariums; and Reef-Pure for reef, nano, & seahorse aquariums.

Please select your One And Only Marine Formula: NaH20-Pure or Reef-Pure.

Directions for use
Shake well before using. Best to use the entire contents at one time. Minimum dose 10 ml (2 capfuls) per 10 gallons. Cannot be overdosed. For best results, turn off protein skimmer and ozone generator (if in use) for at least 6-8 hours upon application - overnight being the best. Filters socks should also be removed, if used, for the same period of time.

Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.

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