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Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs
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Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs
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*Self-starting gravel vacs for small and desktop aquariums
*Deep clean aquarium gravel beds with greater convenience
*Included clip secures hose to bucket for easy aquarium maintenance

Keep small designer aquariums and fish bowls looking their best. Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs are the ultra easy and super affordable gravel vacuum cleaners designed to separate and remove debris from substrate beds during routine water changes. Unique self-starting feature eliminates the need to start a siphon with your mouth. Simply move submerged Gravel Vac Cylinder up and down to siphon out debris and dirty aquarium water. For additional convenience and mess-free maintenance, each gravel vacuum cleaner includes an Ultra Hose Clip that secures hose to bucket.

Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs are available in three sizes, sure to be the perfect fit for your aquarium setup! Each includes Gravel Vacuum Cleaner complete with self-start cap assembly, cylinder and a 6 ft vinyl hose.

6" Slim Jr (mfg# 11516) does not have the Ultra Hose Clip.

Model Cylinder Dimensions
12" Slim Jr.
(mfg# 11549)
1-1/4" diameter x 12" long
6" Slim Jr.
(mfg# 11516)
1" diameter x 6" long

Optional Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter for Mini Gravel Vac makes siphoning easy, regardless of aquarium water level. Connect Siphon Starter and squeeze the bulb to easily establish a siphon that drains away dirty aquarium water and debris. Stop using your mouth to start a siphon, use the Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter instead. Measures 10" L x 2-1/2" diameter. Contains one Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter and two adapters.

The Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter fits Lee's Ultra Gravel Vac Model #11551. Assembly:
Slip the end of the hose over the cap on the cylinder. It may be necessary to heat the tip of the vinyl hose (by holding it under a hot-water faucet for 5 seconds). The hose must fit tightly. Hot water will also eliminate any kinks.

To Activate Self-Starting Siphon:

  • Place an empty bucket near and below the aquarium. Grasp the hose 4" to 6" above the top of the Gravel Vacuum Cleaner (GVC) with hand on top. Place the other end of the hose in the bucket.
  • Completely submerge GVC cylinder and cap in aquarium water. Keeping the loop of the hose as low as possible, move the GVC up and down rapidly five or six times or until siphoning begins.
  • Some gravel will rise slightly in cylinder as debris is removed, but will fall down as cylinder is lifted. At least once a month, remove about 25% of aquarium water and replace with clean, dechlorinated water.

Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter

  1. Cut hose approximately 18" from the Cylinder Cap.
  2. Insert the "IN" end of the Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter into the other end of the short hose.
  3. The long hose attaches to the "OUT" end of the Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter.

To Start Siphon:

  1. Place an empty bucket near and below the aquarium. Place the end of the Cylinder in the gravel or as low as possible in the aquarium. Put the open end of the hose in the bucket.
  2. Compress and release the Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter rapidly until siphoning starts. After siphoning begins, lift the end of the tube a few inches above the gravel until all the gravel falls from the tube. Repeat this action until all the gravel is clean or you have removed 25% of the water.

To Stop Siphon:

  1. Lift the end of the tube above the water level until all the water drains from the hose.

Contents: One Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter and two adapters.

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