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Marineland Eclipse System 3 Replacement Bulb
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Marineland Eclipse System 3 Replacement Bulb

Please Note: Return of light bulbs to LiveAquaria for exchange or refund is limited to 30 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 30 days, please contact the manufacturer for repair, replacement as covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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*6W T5 replacement bulb for Marineland Eclipse System 3 aquariums
*5/8" diameter T5 aquarium bulb delivers 6500K Daylight illumination
*Replace full spectrum T5 bulb yearly to ensure best aquarium lighting

Genuine Marineland brand 6W T5 replacement bulb for Eclipse System 3 aquariums. Marineland Eclipse System 3 Replacement Bulb provides full spectrum Illumination that replicates natural daylight with truest color rendition and live aquatic plant growth properties. 6500K replacement bulb is for use with Eclipse System 3 aquarium lighting hood and all 9" T5 aquarium light fixtures. 6 watts.

Replace after 5,000 hours or 12 months of use to ensure best aquarium lighting conditions for your Marineland Eclipse System 3 aquarium.

Marineland Eclipse System 3 Replacement Bulb
Caution: Handle hood with dry hands only. Do not allow any water to seep into Lighting Vents in Hood - electrical damage may result. Dry underside of hood before performing any maintenance or replacement.

  1. Unplug Light and Pump. NEVER change lamps while power is on.
  2. Remove Hood.
    • For System Three and System Six: Unscrew Lamp Cover Fastener. Carefully remove clear Lens Cover by first "pinching" it on either side of fastener position and then rotating up and away from Retaining Tabs. Set cover aside.

    Caution: ALWAYS allow lamp to cool for 2-3 minutes before proceeding to next step.

  3. For System Three and System Six: After Lamp has cooled, carefully remove it. Grasp each end and gently twist 90°. Then pull forward and out from Mounted Lamp Sockets. Discard properly according to local ordinance.

    Warning: DO NOT attempt to remove the white Lamp Base Assembly from mounting. To do so may cause electrical shock and severe injury.

  4. Dry Lamp Base Assembly (white) thoroughly. Insert new replacement lamp. NOTE: Use only recommended lamps: For System Three: T5 6 watt; For System Six: T5 8 watt.
  5. Dry clear Lens Cover thoroughly, then replace. Make sure outer edges of Lamp Cover are properly seated under the Retaining Tabs. Screw in Lamp Cover Fastener.

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