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Threaded Airline Pipe Valve
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Threaded Airline Pipe Valve
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*Assorted threaded pipe valves great for all types of aquariums
*Create custom, adjustable aeration systems for your fish room
*Use thread cutting tap to ease threaded pipe valve installation

Threaded pipe valves great for all types of aquarium, hatchery and aquaculture applications. All valves connect to 3/16" tubing and have a 1/8" MPT.

Nickel-Plated Lever Pipe Valve- Lever-type shut off valve eases airflow control. Features a second connection with a screw-out plug. 10-psi max.

Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums
Aquarium water with low oxygen content is more common and dangerous to aquarium inhabitants than often realized. Fortunately, the use of aeration devices like air pumps and airstones are an easy and effective way to replenish and maintain healthy oxygen levels.

A constant supply of fresh oxygen allows efficient biological filtration to take place without depleting oxygen fish need to breathe. Aeration devices also promote proper gas exchange and reduce buildup of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide. They also maintain a stable pH by counteracting the pH-lowering effects of carbon dioxide.

With an air pump, airline tubing, a check valve, and a touch of creativity, you can easily create a cascade of soothing, beneficial bubbles in your aquarium.

  • Airstones release thousands of bubbles that aerate water and transport toxins from water near the substrate to the surface for dissipation.
  • Bubble disks, bubble wands, and air curtains let you create a gorgeous display of bubbles. Flexible air curtains fit in corners, around ornaments, or in any desired location.
  • Powerheads with an air intake tube perform double duty. They incorporate oxygen into aquarium water as well as improve aquarium water movement.

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