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Kessil® AP700 Hanging Kit
Kessil® AP700 Hanging Kit
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*Adjustable hanging kit for Kessil Aquarium AP700 LED Panel Fixture
*Securely suspends LED fixture for a stylish aquarium lighting display
*Hang your AP700 from the ceiling or within wood aquarium canopies

Easy-to-install mounting accessory securely suspends Kessil Aquarium AP700 LED Panel Fixture above aquariums for an elegant lighting display. Kessil AP700 Hanging Kit includes two, 118" long hanging cables and hardware for convenient ceiling installation or installation inside wooden aquarium canopies. Height adjustable design ensures proper installation height to suit the particular light requirements of your aquarium inhabitants.

Kessil AP 700 LED Panel Fixture Hanging Recommendation
  • Hang the AP700 15"-18" above water surface to obtain a 48"x24" coverage for mixed reef aquarium.
  • Hang the AP700 5"-7" above water surface for a 36"x24" coverage for SPS-dominant reef aquarium.

Toggle Bolt / Tapping Screws Mounting Guide

    Toggle Bolt Installation
    Step 1.1
    Remove the screws from the Toggle Bolts.
    Step 1.2
    Loosen the top part of the Hanging Cable and put the screws in.
    Step 2.1
    Screw the Toggle Bolts into the Hanging Cable.
    Step 2.2
    Squeeze the sides of the Toggle Bolt, then insert into a pre-drilled hole*. Then proceed to Step 3.
    *Hole Size - Min 5/8" (16mm) / Max: 1" (25mm)

Tapping Screws Installation

    Step 1
    Loosen the top part of the Hanging Cable.
    Step 2
    Screw the Tapping Screws in the wall tightly. Then proceed to Step 3.
    Step 3
    (once Toggle Bolt / Tapping Screws has been installed) Remove the four (4) Corner Screws from the AP700 using the hex wrench.
    Step 4
    Screw the Hanging Cable into the corners of the AP700. You are finished.

About Kessil
Professional Company, Superior Product
As a business division of DiCon, Kessil inherits a vast understanding of light and fundamental business philosophy. For a quarter of a century, the parent company has specialized in making products that direct high-speed laser beams into miniscule, hair size fiber optic cables for the telecom, defense/military, and biomedical sectors. In the early 2000's, DiCon realized the transition to LEDs was imminent and invested heavily in the technology.

As a result, two more business units were created: DiCon LED pushes the forefront of this movement with its proprietary high density LED array, and DiCon Lighting applies the platform in lighting fixtures for the architectural and entertainment industries. Today, each of DiCon's business divisions are recognized leaders in their respective fields, designing and manufacturing quality products with differentiating technology, advancing photonics knowledge through continuous research, and building customer relations with consistently first-rate service.

Kessil has assembled a team of product designers, plant biologists, and illumination engineers, all experts in their field of study, to produce a plant light that is distinctly different from everyone else's. With a careful consideration in the mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical aspects of the product, it's smaller, smarter, cooler, and brighter. Kessil grow lights are not just the best in the class, it's in a completely separate class altogether. Kessil's own internal LED capacity allows them to make special wavelengths on their patented LED platform. Kessil is also able to innovate quickly with their vertically integrated capabilities. The transition from design to execution is seamless. The entire flow is 100% under Kessil's control. All their findings are speedily implemented into their products. Kessil will always be miles ahead of their competition with the best products and most advanced spectrum formulas.

Where Are They Now?
Today Kessil is an established business unit of DiCon with various successful product lines. The three founding members continue to drive Kessil with the same passion and excitement as they continue to make advancements in plant and aquarium lighting.

Kessil is confident that you will find their business approach refreshing and products superior. Come experience Kessil for yourself and see your plants bloom and corals pop under Kessil LED lights.

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