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JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller
JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller

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* Digital controller for aquarium heaters up to 1,000W max
* Monitor and regulate aquarium heater operation with ease
* Large constant display of current aquarium water temperature

Maintain accurate aquarium water temperature with this budget-friendly digital controller. The JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller displays current aquarium water temperature as it monitors and regulates heater operation up 1,000 watts in capacity. Precision digital device employs a high tech microprocessor for amazing ±0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit accuracy. Included remote temperature probe provides comprehensive temperature data to the controller to ensure proper heater operation necessary for stable aquarium water temperature. The JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller measures 2-5/8" x 4-1/8" x 1-1/2" high.

Temperature Display Range: 0-99.9 Degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
Temperature Set Point: 32-99°F
Accuracy: ±0.5°F
Cycle Point: ±1°F
Max Load: Up to 1,000 Watt Capacity

Caution: Do not plug into electrical power source until heater is connected and submerged in water.

Getting Started
The True Temp digital heater controller will work with virtually all existing heaters. Adjust the temperature setting on your heater to 3-5 Fahrenheit degrees higher than your desired set temperature. This will cause the heater to automatically turn on when the controller relays power to activate.

  1. Plug in heater into the three-prong receptacle of the True Temp digital controller.
  2. Place heater into desired location of aquarium.
  3. Plug in temperature probe (male) into receptacle.
  4. Mount temperature probe in aquarium, away from heating element (Use supplied suction cup).
  5. Plug in True Temp digital controller into an approved 110V-120V outlet.

Creating a Temperature Set Point
Press and Hold the UP button until the screen blinks. Once the screen blinks, depress the UP button and adjust to your desired temperature set point by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons accordingly.

Calibrating the Temperature
Calibrating the temperature is very important to ensure that the controller matches your aquarium's current temperature:

  • Press and Hold both UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously until the screen blinks, depress the UP and DOWN buttons and adjust to the current water temperature of the water (You will need a thermometer as a reference).

Error Readings
The True Temp digital heater controller contains an advanced microprocessor that will visually alert you when there is a malfunction. Please see the Error Readings below:

LO: The current temperature read out is below 0.0°F.
H1: The current temperature read out is higher than 99.9°F.
ER1: Temperature Probe Malfunction/Poor Contact.
ER2: Controller Malfunction.

General Information
Thank you for purchasing the True Temp digital heater controller, the most accurate and precise controller in the aquarium industry. The all new True Temp boasts amazing ±0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit (°F) accuracy, a calibrating setting, smart memory chip, LED heating indicator, and a large constant LED display of the current temperature. Maintaining the correct temperature for tropical fish may be the single most important factor for a successful aquarium. Since fish do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, it is crucial that we provide consistent water temperatures with minimal fluctuations. A majority of fish cannot cope with the stress from constant temperature fluctuations, which leads to a compromised immune system. This increases the probability of avoidable diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections.

100% Digital Operation
Don't be fooled, some controllers still incorporate analog dials and knobs without the precision accuracy of True Temp digital controllers. Our advanced microprocessor constantly reads and displays the correct temperature with a large LED display. Easy-push buttons make setting your desired temperature simple and easy. An LED heating indicator visually displays when heater is in operation mode.

Plug any heater up to 1,000 watt maximum load into the controller with no issues. The True Temp incorporates a three-prong receptacle for virtually any heater plug. This instantly grants a temperature display range between 0 and 99°F and a temperature set point range between 32 and 99°F.

Cross Reference
Have you ever noticed that majority of heaters cannot be calibrated. Oftentimes, errors do occur during the calibration process. The ability to cross reference ensures your temperature is accurate and always correct.

Smart Memory Chip
An integrated smart memory chip will restore the previous temperature set point and calibration to the last stored setting once the power returns after a failure. This alleviates having to manually reset settings forever.

Remote Temperature Probe
Most heaters have an integrated temperature probe within the same heating element. This can lead to false readings and premature ON/OFF cycles. The True Temp digital controller is equipped with a remote quick disconnect temperature probe that can be placed up to 5 feet away from the heating element for a comprehensive temperature measurement of the total volume of water. Quick disconnect temperature probe grants easy replacement without the need to replace the entire controller in the event it fails.

Temperature Range: 0-99.9 Degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
Temperature Set Point: 32-95°F
Accuracy: ±0.5°F
Cycle Point: ±1°F
Max Load: Up to 1,000 Watt Capacity

It is important to keep this appliance clean. Always unplug the appliance before performing maintenance or cleaning of the exterior of this controller. Wipe exposed surfaces carefully with a damp terrycloth to remove any dust or mineral deposits which may collect over time. Make sure hands are completely dry before re-plugging into an electrical outlet.

In order to assure proper electrical connections and polarity, replacement parts and servicing should be performed only by a qualified electrician.

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