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Neutral Regulator
Neutral Regulator

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* Aquarium pH conditioner adjusts ph to a neutral 7.0
* Regulates acidic or alkaline water to neutral pH
* Conditions pH to levels most tropical community fish prefer

Adjust aquarium pH to neutral and maintain it. Whether you have low pH or high pH, Neutral Regulator conditions aquarium water to a neutral pH of 7.0 that most freshwater tropical fish prefer. Neutral Regulator conditions hard water by precipitating calcium and magnesium and also removes any chlorine or chloramines found in tap water. 250 grams treats over 800 gallons of freshwater.

Use 1 level teaspoon for every 10 to 20 gallons once or twice a month (or as necessary to maintain a pH of 7.0.) Neutral Regulator may be added directly to the aquarium at any time. Ideally, it should be used when adding or changing water by dissolving in the replacement water.

General Information:
Neutral Regulator adjusts pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a low or high pH and maintains it there. It softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium while removing any chlorine, chloramine, or ammonia. The use of Neutral Regulator makes other conditioning unnecessary.

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