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LiveAquaria® Instant Ammonia Remover
LiveAquaria® Instant Ammonia Remover
LiveAquaria® Instant Ammonia Remover
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* Controls ammonia spikes
* Instantly removes ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines
* Ideal for new tanks and as on-going tank maintenance

Ammonia, constantly released into the aquarium, is the number one killer of tropical fish. Small amounts of ammonia will stress your aquatic life and large amounts can even cause death. Testing and treating ammonia levels in your aquarium is an on-going process due to the fact that ammonia is released through fish gills as they breathe, excreted as liquid and solid waste, present in uneaten food, and created by decaying organic matter in the tank.

LiveAquaria® Instant Ammonia Remover converts ammonia to a non-toxic form and is safe and easy to use. It can be used when starting a new aquarium and as on-going maintenance.

Directions and Dosage:
Shake well. Use 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per 10 gallons of water. Dosage can be tripled to treat elevated levels of ammonia that may be present during initial aquarium set-up.
A water change of 25% should be performed between each dosing.

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