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* Phosphate remover
* Silicate remover
*Helps to maintain aquarium water quality
*Works with both marine and freshwater aquariums
*Uses two reef safe filtration media

For elevated performance, Phos-ELIMINATOR PLUS™ uses two filtration media to make quick and efficient work of removing phosphates and silicates from your tank, while also remaining completely reef safe. Another well-performing product from Dr. Tim’s, Phos-ELIMINATOR PLUS™ can be used in either marine or freshwater tanks.

Directions: Product should be rinsed with fresh water before use. Place into a filter bag and put filter bag in area of high water flow. Product is exhausted once you see phosphate levels start to increase.

Recommended Usage: Use 1/4 cup (60 ml) of Phos-ELIMINATOR PLUS™ for every 50 gallons saltwater or 100 gallons freshwater.

Caution: Product may generate heat and fizzle upon initial contact with water - handle carefully.

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